Friday, September 28, 2007

Promoting Speed Racer in Singapore

[Singapore News] The movie <Speed Racer> will be on screen in 167 countries, and Singaporean fans can anticipate to see Rain in the theaters on May 8 next year. The movie distributor Golden Village will try their best to invite Rain over to fully promote the movie! If all goes smoothly, another "Rain" storm might be coming!

During inquiries, the spokespeople of Golden Village indicated that Rain caused quite a big stir when he came to the lion city (Singapore) in the beginning of this year. will be Golden Village's biggest movie, and they hope to be able to get Rain to Singapore; with the help of his influence, push this movie up into the box office.

This movie will not only be shown in the US, but also in showings within 166 countries worldwide, including Egypt, Australia, Germany, Spain, Holland, England, Brazil, Japan and so on.

At the thought of the movie being screened in 167 countries, Rain has nothing but excitement, "Before the start of the film shoot, I kept wondering if there was even a need of me in any part of the movie. It looks like I was worrying for nothing, my parts were increased, that's just too good!"

In the movie, Rain's supporting role only had 30 minutes of acting time. But later the directors were greatly satisfied with his performance that they increased it to 50 minutes. According to South Korean reports, Rain practiced his Engilsh movie dialogues very diligently, and since the beginning of shooting, he said the dialogue was never corrected or revised, so it looked like his proficiency in English was rather effective.

Wachowski Brothers, directors of <The Matrix> are directors of this new movie <Speed Racer> based out of the Japanese cartoon . In this movie Rain plays the part of an Asian race car driver struggling to maintain his family's honor.

Source: Zong Guo Bao (Chinese press)

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Anonymous said...

i've read about this just recently. Matthew Fox, star of Lost, is also gonna be in the movie. i'm so excited to see Rain here! ^__^

Diana said...

why don't invite 동방신기 or TVXQ (東方神起). they're very popular in Asia.. they're very talented and they have reached no 1 in oricon music chart in japan. why don't try to invite them?? I'm sure if they come here, the ticket will be sold out..