Monday, April 25, 2011

Lee Ji-ah & Seo Taiji Married With No Children

After the news of actress Lee Ji-ah and singer Seo Taiji's marital relations reached the public, Lee has finally stepped out to confirm or deny rumors. The basic gist of it all: 1. She and Seo were indeed married for several years. 2. They don't have any children together.

Lee's agency, KEYEAST Entertainment released a statement confirming that the former couple had taken matters of divorce settlement to court. They emphasized that they weren't in court for a divorce case, but an alimony case.

KEYEAST explained the history between the two stars. Lee had left to study abroad in the US in 1993, and there she met Seo Taiji through a mutual friend at a Korean concert in Los Angeles. Despite the fact that Seo had to return to Korea, the two kept in touch via phone calls and letters, and eventually became a couple.

Seo had an early, temporary retirement in 1996, when he decided to live in the US. There, Lee helped him overcome and adjust to the language and cultural barriers. The two became closer and got married privately in 1997. They lived out their marriage lives in Atlanta and Arizona.

Seo made a comeback in June of 222 and so returned to Korea, while Lee lived alone in the US until she requested a divorce in 2006. The divorce was finalized in 2009 due to reasons of career, lifestyle, and personality differences.

On a trip to Korea in 2004, Lee coincidentally landed a cell phone commercial deal. This started off her career as an actress. Lee moved back to Korea from the US for good in 2005, just in time to earn a role in the drama "Taewangsashingi". Lee expressed that she couldn't help but keep her marriage life a secret because of how famous Seo was. She apologized for keeping the truth from everyone and said that she had a rough time during that period.

KEYEAST stressed that rumors of the ex-couple having children together are untrue. Also that though young, Lee and Seo were truly in love. It's just unfortunate that divorce matters couldn't be settled peacefully.

source: KBS Global

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2PM’s Taecyeon and Chansung model for Esquire

Taecyeon and Chansung model for clothing brand, ZIOZIA.

Check out the complete photos in the May issue of Esquire.

source: Nate

Lee Hong Ki From FT Island to Play Title Role in Japanese Drama

Lee Hong Ki from star boy band FT Island will play the leading role in a Japanese drama for the first time. He will appear in the drama “Muscle Girl,” which will air its first episode on April 19 on TBS, along with Japanese actress Ichikawa Yui. In the drama, Lee will play a star Korean actor who comes to Japan to film a joint Korean-and-Japanese movie and to find his missing mother in Japan.

He comes to meet a young businesswoman who is trying to revive female professional wrestling groups, and he will go through various troubles with her in the drama. The romantic drama will be produced with a total of ten episodes and will begin airing from April 19 on TBS, and it will ALSO BE broadcast on different broadcasting companies such as MBS from April 23. Lee Hong Ki participated in the production presentation held at the Warner Music Japan in Aoyama, Tokyo on April 13, and he said, “I was very surprised when I knew that I had received a casting offer from a Japanese drama. I have always wanted to act, so I felt really happy, but, at the same time, I was also very worried. But now I am quite enjoying filming the drama as the story is very interesting. I want to let you watch the drama as soon as possible.”

Ichikawa said, “The drama is mainly about love between family members. I will enthusiastically act in the drama to make viewers who watched our drama have the thought that they have to do their best to have a better life.” Lee Hong Ki also explained, “There will ALSO BE very funny parts in the drama, so you might be able to anticipate something exciting.” Ichikawa praised FT Island’s song “Haruka,” which will be the theme song of the drama, by saying, “I heard the theme song and it sounds perfect for the drama, and the song itself is very uplifting.” Lee Hong Ki introduced the song, saying, “’Haruka’ is very different from our previous songs. We used different musical instruments, and the atmosphere is totally new. The lyrics and melody were made suitable to the drama, and it is a really nice song.”

FT Island sang the theme song “Haruka” and another song entitled “Itsuka ,” which is also included on the original soundtrack of the drama, and those two songs will be included in FT Island’s first official album in Japan entitled “Five Treasure Island.” The album will be released on May 18.

source : KBS Global

Girls' Generation for Marie Claire

credits : Marie Claire

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rain Ranked 1st on Time Poll 100 Again

Korean pop star and actor Rain topped the latest Time Poll 100, in which readers vote for who they think are the world's most influential people.

Rain garnered 406,252 votes in the online poll to rank No. 1 among 203 candidates, Time magazine said on Friday. He also previously placed first in 2006 and 2007, and in 2006 he was shortlisted to the final Time 100 and walked down the red carpet for the ceremony.

Taiwanese actor and singer Jay Chou was the runner-up on the latest list with 207,239 votes, followed by "Britain's Got Talent" sensation Susan Boyle. U.S. pop star Beyonce came in sixth, and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange 11th. U.S. President Barack Obama ranked 46th.

Time is preparing its final 100 list based on the online poll and its own selection process. Last year, Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yu-na was named to the final 100.

source: Chosun Ilbo

Eric To Make Comeback Later This Year

After being released from the military October of last year, Eric will be making his comeback as a singer during the latter half of this year.

According to Eric's entertainment agency, Top Class Entertainment, on April 15th, Eric will be releasing a mini-album during the latter half of 2011. He's currently working hard on it to present an album with higher quality than before.

After promoting along with his group
SHINHWA in 2008 for their 9th album, it's been three years since Eric has focused on his singing activities. He has featured on other artists' songs, but hasn't released anything under his own name for awhile.

Top Entertainment added that fans can look forward to a little "gift" inside the album for the long time that Eric was absent during his military service.

Eric is currently set to star in the new drama "Poseidon".

source: KBS Global

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seungri's childhood video

He's such a cute kid.

Kwon Sang Woo to Appear in ‘Love Again’ with Cecilia Cheung

Hallyu star Kwon Sang Woo will act together with Chinese actress Cecilia Cheung. Kwon's agency Bel Actors Entertainment said on April 13 that Kwon Sang Woo signed a movie contract to participate in filming the movie entitled "Love Again (working title)," which will be released overseas including China, and he would begin filming in Shenzhen, China from April 26. The filming locations for the movie will be China and Hong Kong. "Love Again" will tell the love story of a couple, and it will be released in the second half of this year.

In addition, Kwon Sang Woo will also appear in the movie "12 Chinese Zodiac Heads" along with actor Jackie Chan. The third movie of the "Armor of God" series, "12 Chinese Zodiac Heads" is an action blockbuster movie, and it will be produced with as much as 100 billion won in funding. Four Asian star actors including Jackie Chan and Kwon Sang Woo will appear as the protagonists of the movie.

source: KBS Global

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jang Keun-suk Donates Proceeds from Online Fundraising for Japan

Actor Jang Keun-suk donated 10.1 million yen in his latest contribution to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Jang's management agency Tree J Company said on Wednesday that the actor donated the entire proceeds from an online fundraising sale to Japan's Red Cross.

"Jang raised over 10 million yen by selling items such as wristbands and cards with messages supporting Japan on his Japanese fan site from March 17 to 31," the agency said.

Earlier, Jang donated 10 million yen to Japan's Red Cross on March 14. He also delivered 5,000 blankets with a message of support to disaster-struck areas.

source: Chosun Ilbo

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Big Bang Resigns With YG For Another Five Years

Looks like YG Entertainment's not losing their five star players any time soon.

The entertainment agency announced on April 7th that the five-membered idol group Big Bang decided to resign with them for another five-year long contract. YG expressed, "The members of Big Bang are like family to us. We're grateful that they've decided to trust and have faith in the company that they debuted with. We're happy that the group Big Bang can remain with their fans for a long time. " It's been five years since the popular group debuted and blew up back in 2006.

YG went on to point out, "With many idol groups, there tends to be friction with the agency and for a number of reasons the critical point for a group's breakup or retirement is when the initial management contract ends, which is around five years. This year is the five year mark since Big Bang's debut, and though there's been a lot of gossip and rumors [of breaking up] in the industry, the group has displayed longevity through this resigning. Big Bang will continue to show only their best to their fans."

On a side note, after their long-awaited comeback earlier this year, arguably one of the most popular male idol groups, Big Bang, will release their repackaged album featuring the two new title tracks "Stupid Liar" and "Love Song" on the 8th. They will make their first TV broadcast appearance with these songs on the 10th.

source: KBS Global