Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SNSD SooYoung’s sister does musical

SooYoung debuted through the 9 member girl group, Girls Generation. However, SooYoung’s sister will be debuting through a musical.

After the news that Jessica’s sister will be in the new SM girl group called f(X), SooYoung’s sister news came along as well. According to a close aquaintence of SooYoung’s sister, Choi SooJin, had said that SooJin got the main woman role of Gloria in the upcoming musical “SalInMa Jack.”

This will be her first time that she will be performing in a musical. For many of you, this might be the second time seeing SooJin. On Febuary she appeared on ”Meet A Star’s Friend.” She caused alot of attention due to her white skin, long wavy hair, and a beauty that was better than some stars. Before, she had been “Ulzzang” (aka. Cute, Best Looking) in an Internet cafe as well.

This musical “SalInMa Jack” is also supposed to be the returning musical project for Ahn JaeWook in 11 years.

Credit: sookyeong @ k-bites

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lee Young Ae Got Married!

Lee Young Ae
, titular star of the internationally beloved 2003 drama Dae Jang Geum, is now Jung Young Ae!

The actress (38) and her groom (46) tied the knot on August 24th, at a secret ceremony in the United States. Only families of the bride and groom attended the wedding, which was in the US because the mysterious "Mr. Jung" is a Korean-American.

Not much is known about Lee Young Ae's significant other, other than his graduation from the Illinois Institute of Technology and his current career in IT-related fields. They dated for the past 10 years after being introduced to each other by friends. A representative of Lee Young Ae said that they have not released photos of the wedding or the couple out of respect for the husband's privacy, which is unfortunate, but understandable.

source: allkpop

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Rain to Perform in Hong Kong in December as Part of Asia Tour

/singer Rain (real name Chung Ji-hoon, 27) has added Hong Kong to his Asia tour entitled "2009 Legend of Rainism." The tour will begin on August 29-30 in Saitama, Japan. Rain will perform in Hong Kong on December 12-13, according to his agency, JTune Entertainment. Rain will visit Hong Kong for the first time in six months since his last visit in June for the "Six To Five" fashion show.

A person from JTune Entertainment said the singer's tour schedule will be matched with the promotion of his Hollywood debut movie "Ninja Assassin," which will open worldwide on November 25.

Rain is discussing plans to hold concerts in Seoul in October.

KBS Global


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kim Hee-sun on Marie Claire cover with her baby daughter

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So Ji-sub Makes Chinese Film Debut with Zhang Ziyi

Actor So Ji-sub, who surprised many by choosing the low-budget film "Rough Cut" to mark his screen return after completing his compulsory military service in April 2007, has made another unexpected decision -- to make his Chinese film debut in a movie called "Sophie's Revenge," starring Zhang Ziyi in her first romantic comedy. The film opens in Korea on Thursday.

In a press conference last Thursday, So explained why he chose this particular film. "I wanted to do a bright and cheery role because I've played so many sad and gloomy ones." So's part in the film was originally meant to be just a cameo, but as shooting progressed his role gained more and more importance. Even so, his fans might be disappointed by his limited time onscreen. But So was more concerned with "how I could harmonize my performance with those of the other top Chinese actors and actresses." Another challenge was delivering his lines in 100 percent Chinese. "I really struggled throughout the shoot. I made so many errors, I felt sorry for the other actors. My Chinese isn't perfect, you know," he said

Working alongside
Zhang Ziyi was also a memorable experience. "Zhang exudes inimitable charisma as a producer, but she is actually a very cheery and cute person who makes all the staff laugh," So said. "But once shooting begins, she gets immersed into the role so quickly. I was very impressed."

So is already one of the top actors in Korea, so why take a tougher road and shoot a movie in a foreign land. "If I limited my realm to just Korea, I would get anxious wondering how far I could go and how much I could achieve," he said. He plans to do a Japanese soap opera before the end of the year. "I heard it is a very unique work in a very novel way. After that I'd like to have some time to better myself. I'll continue to try to be a better actor," So said.


source : Chosun

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dae-sung of Big Bang Sustains Injury in Car Accident

Dae-sung, a member of the group Big Bang, has sustained injuries in a car accident and needs to undergo four weeks of medical treatment. Dae-sung was involved in the accident on the afternoon of August 11 when he was returning to Seoul after the taping of the SBS TV show "Good Sunday - Family." His car skidded on a slippery highway when it was exiting a tunnel. The rear of the car crashed into the guard rail, according to the singer's agency, YG Entertainment.

A person from the agency said Dae-sung was sitting in the passenger seat at the time of the accident. He has sustained serious injuries on his nose and spine and minor injuries on his face and arms. It will take him about four weeks to recover. Dae-sung's manager, who was driving, injured his arm and has undergone a detailed examination. The singer's coordinator, who was sitting in the back seat, was seriously injured in the leg and was rushed to a nearby hospital in Anseong, Gyeonggi Province where she underwent surgery.

Dae-sung and his manager received emergency care at a hospital in Anseong and returned to Seoul the same night. They were hospitalized at a hospital in Gangnam. Dae-sung will be unable to appear in the musical "Shouting" this month.

source: KBS Global

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo have become a real couple!

Hyun Bin
and Song Hye Gyo are dating!

According to Hyun Bin’s agency,Song Hye-gyo and Hyun Bin, who are the same age, have been dating for about two months ago. Song Hye Kyo’s agency also confirmed the news.

They met
while starring the KBS drama Worlds Within as the leading couple.

Hyun Bin is currently starring in the MBC drama, "Friends, Our Legend," while Song is taking time off to look for her next role.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

BoA Releases Video in U.S. for 'Energetic' Single

Singer BoA
has released a music video for her new single "Energetic." Writing on her Twitter page on Tuesday, the pop princess said, "Hi guys... Check out the exclusive premiere of my video and next single 'Energetic' on! It was so much fun." is the online version of Entertainment Weekly magazine. featured an interview with the Korean songstress along with her new video. Asked if she believes that she'll find success in the U.S., BoA said, "Hopefully, that's why I'm here. If it's not going that way, I think I got a lot of good stuff from relationships, met other producers, doing choreography with really great dancers."


source: Chosun

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lee Jun ki in Allure Magazine August 2009


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Nichkhun "Worried about not gaining any weight"

2 PM's NichKhun. Pictures from his "Let's take a break",
Thailand tourism campaign

member, Nichkhun had a smile that could brighten everything around up. Having him sitting right in front of them with sweet smile, people couldn’t help but to act gleefully along with him.

Easily to notice because of his distinctly height and soft appearance. Khun is Thai-American who was born of father and chinese mother, he said “I was walking on the street in the U.S. and unintentionally got into the casting” Although he still couldn’t pronounce our language correctly, he got me surprised to hear him say difficult words.

What kind of person is Nichkhun?
“2PM’s entertainer. Because of my optimistic personality so I try to smile broadly frequently and it seems like I’m a buffer zone between members too.”

How did you become a singer?
“I was walking on the street and unexpectedly got cast in an entertainment agency. I did both performance and acting but nothing was good so I received much maltreatment. I couldn’t dance neither could act. (laughs) The memory of not wanting to take anymore harsh words so, having my teeth clinched, I practiced dancing and singing alone at night is still vivid in my memory. Then I moved to JYP”

Between an actor and a singer, which one is Nichkhun suitable for?
“Probably an actor. But I’m a member of 2PM and working as singer. I’m trying to be born again as more respectable singer.”

I think that my charm is…
“Whatever I do, I do it hard. I won’t be frustrated after receiving wounds and will bravely stand up. What do you call that thing? Right, a tumbling doll.”

Well then weak point?
“Similar to Wooyoung. I often get too serious and I’m a type of keeping my worries to myself only”

What do you do at 2 P.M?
“Working on variety shows. Haha”

How to take care of your body?
“Unlike the other members, because I won’t get fat so I’m trying to put on some weight. I even make an effort to eat much and rest well.”

Source: Chosun
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Yoon Eun Hye sets up her own company after 10 years into debut

Talent Yoon Eun Hye has set up her own independent company, The House Company.

She has set up the solo company with her own manager recently, causing a topic amongst the entertainment zone.

She led the founding of the company on her own and also took care of all the most basic details like the interior of the company, putting in much hardwork and effort into it – building her dreams and ideals.

Yoon Eun Hye said in an interview recently, “I did the CI (Corporate Identity) to my company The House Company personally. And also deigned the interior to the company. I did this while having other projects on hand, just taking some of my sleep time to work on it. It is very fun and is something I wanted to do.”

She added, “It’s been 10 years since I’ve debuted in the entertainment zone. Even though I have other projects and works on hand, this is something I wanted to do personally and to work with good people around. I will not be called the president or have any corporate title. Even though this is a solo company, I wanted to groom new talents.”

Yoon Eun Hye’s comeback drama ‘Please Take Care Of Agasshi’ will be aired on KBS from 19th August.

Credit: sookyeong @ k-bites

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