Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Park Yong-ha's New Single Ranks 10th on Oricon Chart

Actor and recording artist Park Yong-ha's seventh single album has climbed to the number ten spot on Japan's Oricon Music Chart.

Park's latest single entitled "Say Goodbye." reached the number ten spot on the day of its release. His new single album contains three new songs including "Say Goodbye" and "December Sky."

On November 25, Park will also release his first studio album in three years entitled "Love." His sixth studio album will contain 13 songs, including a bonus track.

For the first time since 2006, Park will hold an arena tour concert in Japan. He will perform in Yokohama on December 3, in Tokyo on December 20 and 21 and in Osaka on January 8, 2009.

Source:KBS Global

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Singer Rain Is Saver of the Day

Singer Rain and actress Kim Ji-soo were awarded prizes for their money-saving skills.

The Financial Services Commission marked the 45th Savings Day by awarding Rain a presidential commendation and Kim Ji-soo a Prime Minister commendation.

Bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘saving for a rainy day,’ the commission said thrifty Rain has saved most of his income since debuting in 2002, and made various social contributions, including donating profits from concerts to underprivileged children, including W300 million to those suffering the after-effects of an oil spill in Tae-an. Kim Ji-soo deals prudently with her income, thus raising awareness of saving.

Singer Rain and actress Kim Ji-soo attend
the 45th Savings Day ceremony
at Korea Federation of Banks, Seoul, on Tuesday. / Yonhap

The top prize, the Mogryeon Medal, was awarded to single mother Sim Sam-sun, 56, an independent taxi driver in Busan. She has been raising her two children alone while saving her entire income, excluding a daily lunch bill, for 26 years. She also participated in social services, including helping starving children.

Some 81 people were awarded prizes, including one decoration, three medals and six presidential commendations.



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Song Hye-go, Hyun Bin Star in New KBS Drama Series

Popular Korean actress Song Hye-gyo will be returning to TV for the first time in four years. During a recent interview, the actress, who was recently cast in the new KBS drama series "A World of Their Own," said although she doesn't give too much thought to viewer ratings, she is starting to feel the pressure as the first episode's airing date draws near.

Song added that her co-star Hyun Bin tried his best to calm down her nerves by telling her that there are good times and bad times and that she shouldn't care too much about the viewer ratings.

"Full House" and "My Sweet Samsoon," the two sensationally popular drama series that the two actors most recently starred in, posted average viewer ratings of 30% and 50%, respectively. Naturally, expectations are running high for the brand new drama series starring two of the most popular actors of their generation. However, tough competition is expected as "East of Eden," a high-profile MBC drama series, has been posting high average viewer ratings of 20% to 30%.

Song says the script is easy to relate to and highly entertaining, and that the viewers will definitely be drawn into the story.

source: KBS Global

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