Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kim Bum’s Single Soars in J-pop Chart

Kim Bum
, who co-starred in hugely popular “Boys over Flowers,” is enjoying rising popularity as a singer, too. His recently released album for the Japanese audience has topped the J-pop charts of Korean music sites Melon and Bugs Music. The title song called “The Sky of Christmas Eve” was released in Japan on November 8th and has been steadily growing popular there. The song features a romantic melody and sweet lyrics.

The cute heartthrob has also held concerts in five Japanese cities during the Christmas season to promote his album. Roughly 3,000 of his Japanese fans gathered at the concerts to cheer him on and see him in person. Kim is currently shooting a romantic comedy titled, “A Woman who Still Wants to Marry.” In the drama the boyish-looking actor plays the boyfriend of a woman who is 12 years his senior. The leading female role is played by actress Park Jin-hee.

source: KBS World

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gong Yoo and Lee Min-jung for Mind Bridge

Song Hye-kyo to Star in Wong Kar Wai Film

Actress Song Hye-kyo will appear in Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai's next movie "The Grand Master," her management agency Eden Nine Entertainment said on Monday.

"Song has decided to work with Wong at his suggestion, although we can't reveal what role she will play yet. Right now she is learning Cantonese and martial arts," the agency said.

The film will also star top Chinese actors such as Tony Leung, Chang Chen and Zhang Ziyi.

Wong had been wooing Song to appear in his films for several years. In 2004 he announced his wish to work with her while visiting Korea for the Pusan International Film Festival.

Shooting on "The Grand Master" will begin early next year.


source : Chosun

Monday, December 21, 2009

Young Korean Actors in Elle : "Young Guns" photoshoot

Kim Bum

Jung Il Woo

Yoo Ah In

Song Joong Ki

Kim Hye Sung

Lee Seung Hyo

Lee Tae Sung

Lee Hyun Jin

Im Ju Hwan

Lee Hyuk Soo

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Book Recalls Jang Jin-young's Deathbed Love Story

Kim Young-kyun, the widower of the actress Jang Jin-young, who died of stomach cancer in September, is to publish a memoir recalling their 600 days of romance this Friday. GimmYoung Publishers on Monday said it is in the last stages of printing the book for Friday's release.

The book recounts how Jang and Kim met for the first time on Jan. 23, 2008, how romance developed, what they went through together after Jang was diagnosed with stomach cancer in September last year, and Kim's feelings of bereavement.

It also includes for the first time a detailed account of their wedding. When it became clear that Jang's days were numbered, the two went to the United States and married in a church in Las Vegas on July 26. Never-before-seen pictures from the wedding will also be included.

Returning to Korea, Kim registered their marriage at the Seongbuk District Office in Seoul on Aug. 28. Jang died four days later. At the time, Kim said, "This was the only time I could have Jang walk down the isle. I wanted to give her the wedding as a present." He says the book is a candid account of many stories he kept to himself. "It contains everything that happened between us -- the fateful encounter, proposal, wedding and marriage registration, the last present I was able to give her."

/Courtesy of GimmYoung Publishers


source : Chosun

Han Hye-jin may marry Na Ul in a few years

Actress Han Hye-jin said she may marry her singer boyfriend Na Ul of R&B group Brown Eyed Soul in the next couple of years.

“I will give him some time to do the things he wants after he finishes serving in the military and then get married in the next two to three years,” Han said during an interview with Asia Economic Daily on Monday.

“We’re both Christian and share the same views on many things. We also make up for each other’s shortcomings because I’m simple-minded while he’s more sensitive,” she said of her boyfriend of six years.

She added that she would like to do many good deeds such as volunteer work with Na Ul once they get married as many Christian couples do.

Han, 27, has appeared in several movies and TV series since making her acting debut in 2002. She gained popularity through 2005 MBC dramaBe Strong, Geum Soon!” and 2006 hit drama “Jumong”. Her film “No Mercy” is set for release on January 7 while she will also star in historical medical drama “Jejoongwon” set to air on SBS in early January.

Na Ul, 31, has been considered one of Korea’s top artists since his debut in 2003 as a member of Brown Eyed Soul whose debut album swept various music charts. He has been serving as a public service officer since late 2007 as part of completing Korea’s mandatory military service.

Reporter : Park So-yoen
Editor : Jessica Kim
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Lee Min-ho: 'I Want My Next Role to be Cheerful and Fun'

"I want to play a macho guy and try my skills at melodrama as well. I want to try so many things. But since I'm still very young, the best role for me would be a cheerful one," said actor Lee Min-ho, who rose to stardom for his role in "Boys Over Flowers," at a news conference on December 15 in Taiwan. The news conference was held prior to Lee's fan meeting at the National Taiwan University.

The actor said he felt significant pressure with regard to his next role because his previous role was very popular. "Boys Over Flowers," which ended in March, recorded viewer ratings of nearly 35 percent. Lee said choosing the right role was his priority and dilemma at this point, saying, "I'm feeling pressure because everyone around me keeps asking me about my next production. I want to receive recognition for my acting skills and I want my next drama to record high viewer ratings while also receiving credit for its high quality. I hope at least one of these aspects will be realized."

Lee says he wants to receive the Best New Actor award from KBS this year. He will appear in a new TV drama early next year after choosing a new role from among three roles that he has been offered.

Lee said he had been watching the TV drama "Iris" lately and that he would like to appear in "Iris 2" if he were offered a part. He said, "I admire Lee Byung-heon for his excellent acting talent. I envy him. A candy kiss? Hmm, I haven't thought about that."

Lee had to postpone choosing his next role because of a leg injury that he received in a car accident. He said, "The surgery is done. My leg is still in bad condition. When it rains, my joints ache a lot. I head that once your cartilage is damaged, it'll never recover again. But I think I can still run in a marathon, but I'm not sure if I can finish it."

Whenever he has free time, Lee learns English and Japanese and enjoys shopping with his production crew. He also likes to ski with actor Kim Bum and Chung Il-woo. Lee said, "I feel the need to learn foreign languages because sometimes I hold fan meetings overseas. My foreign fans can't understand my jokes immediately. That's why I'm learning English and Japanese. I'm learning English from my sister, who majored in English. My skills are still similar to those of a 3-year old."

source: KBS Global

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lee Byung-hun Sued for Breach of Marriage Promise

Top star Lee Byung-hun, who currently stars in KBS hit drama "Iris," is being sued by a woman who claims to have been cheated by Lee of a promise of marriage. Lee's lawyer denied the accusation and said the star is countersuing for defamation.

According to the Seoul Central District Court on Wednesday, a 22-year-old Korean-Canadian woman identified as Kwon filed a lawsuit against the 39-year-old star, claiming that she suffered mental and physical anguish from a sexual relationship due to Lee's false promise of marriage. She described herself as Lee's girlfriend, and demanded W100 million (US$1=W1,163) in compensation.

Kwon claims she was introduced to Lee by an acquaintance in Canada last year, and a romantic relationship began. She came to Korea in July to meet Lee, but he has been avoiding her. Kwon said when she came to Korea at the end of last year, she stayed at Lee's home for 10 days and he introduced her to his family as his girlfriend.

Lee's lawyer said the actor did have a girlfriend whom he started dating in the fall of last year, but they broke up in spring. Since last month, several men who did not give their name have been calling Lee and his manager, threatening to divulge a scandal related to his girlfriend and demanding W2 billion. Lawyers for Lee are asking police to investigate the threatening calls.


source : Chosun

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gong Yoo completes military service

Actor Gong Yoo speaks to reporters and fans as he leaves the Ministry of National Defense
after completing his two year mandatory military service on December 8, 2009.
[Park Sung-ki/Asia Economic Daily]

Gong Yoo
, the heartthrob from 2007 hit TV series "Coffee Prince", returned home for the first time in nearly two years as he completed South Korea's mandatory military service on Tuesday.

"I feel good and relieved, I want to travel and I miss my mother's homemade cooking," the 30-year-old actor told reporters and fans after leaving the Ministry of National Defense where he had served as an officer under the Defense Agency for Public Information Services, a special promotion unit under the ministry.

"I also learned many things about living as a member of an organization and thought a lot about human relationships," the actor said of his military life which started in mid-January last year.

Gong Yoo also thanked his fans for their support while he was serving the country. "The many letters and gifts my fans sent gave me great energy," he said to some 250 fans from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand who had turned up at the ministry to greet the actor.

Gong Yoo had appeared in several films and dramas since his debut in 2001 but rose to stardom with "Coffee Prince" which won him an award for excellence at the 2007 MBC Drama Awards.

Reporter : Park Kun-ouc
Editor : Jessica Kim
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Han Ye-seul meets with "Twilight" producer

Top South Korean actress Han Ye-seul was belatedly known to have met with Hollywood producer Mark Morgan of "The Twilight Saga" series during his recent visit to Korea.

"The two met in Seoul and it is our understanding that Morgan did not meet with any other actresses during his visit," an official at Han's agency SidusHQ said on Tuesday.

The official refrained from answering whether there is a chance the actress could make an appearance in the next "Twilight" series but gave a positive response when asked if the issue could be regarded in a positive light. "Nothing has been set but we had a good conversation with Morgan," the official explained.

The meeting between Han and Morgan has also raised speculation that the actress may appear in the Hollywood remake of Korean horror flick "Phone". Morgan, founder of his own production company Imprint Entertainment, had been in Korea last week to attend a press conference announcing the remake which his company would take part in.

Ahn Byung-ki, who helmed the original version of "Phone" and has also been set to act as the director for the remake, had announced that it is highly likely a Korean actress will be cast for the Hollywood version.

Han, 28, is currently one of South Korea's most popular actresses who was born and raised in the United States before moving to Korea where she debuted as a supermodel in 2001.

She has appeared in several dramas and movie "Miss Gold Digger" for which she took the prize for best new actress in 2008 at Korea's major film awards, the Blue Dragon Film Awards and Daejong Film Awards. She currently stars in SBS TV series "Will It Snow for Christmas" alongside actor Ko Soo.

Reporter : Kang Seung-hun
Editor : Jessica Kim
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SNSD 2010 Photo calendar


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Ku Hye-sun Named Best Asian Actress in Taiwan

Ku Hye-sun
was voted the best Asian actress by users of Yahoo! Taiwan in the 2009 Yahoo! Asia Buzz awards. The Korean entertainer was one of the most searched-for stars by Taiwanese netizens, and she topped the list of Asian female celebrities.

Her popularity is largely due to the success of her drama, "Boys Over Flowers," which aired in Korea in January on KBS 2TV, and was a smash hit at home and in Taiwan.

Voting for the Yahoo! Asia Buzz awards, now in its sixth year, takes place in each country in Asia simultaneously.

A versatile entertainer who has also written a book and directed a short film, Ku will leave for Taiwan on Thursday to attend the awards ceremony held on Friday.


source : Chosun

Yoona's Dreamboat

, a member of the girl group Girls' Generation, Tuesday said her ideal type of man was Takuya Kimura, a Japanese entertainer.

During a KBS talk show, Yoona said she was very grateful when many South Korean entertainers picked her as their dreamboat. "I was especially glad when singer Lee Seung-gi pinpointed me. But my ideal type is Japan's Takuya Kimura.''

Kimura, a Japanese actor, is a member of Japan's idol group SMAP. He is one of the most well-known entertainers in Asia as well as in Japan.

Yoona, 19, aroused laughter, saying,"I don't have Kimura's telephone number. Is there anyone who can introduce him to me?''

She drew attention by admitting during the show that she was the most beautiful girl group member in South Korea.

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T-Ara: 'We Want to Be Popular Like the Wonder Girls'

Girl groups
are the latest rage in the K-pop scene. One of the popular girl bands is the six-member group T-Ara, which debuted in July with the song "Lie." The group consists of Ji-yeon, Eun-jung, Hyo-min, Bo-ram, Kyu-ri and So-yeon. Three of T-Ara's singles, including "TTL (Time To Love)" and "TTL Listen 2," became huge hits on the Internet.

We met with
T-Ara, which has recently released its first studio album entitled "Absolute First Album." Its title track, "Like The First Time," is a retro dance song that was written by Bang Shi-hyuk. But T-Ara is active these days with the trendy dance song "Bo Peep Bo Peep," which was written by Shinsadong Horangi. T-Ara is poised to promote its album by performing two songs and filming music videos for four songs from the album.

On the question how they can survive amid the fierce competition among girl groups, Eun-jung said, "Our song 'TTL' topped 8 music sites, but it fell short of our expectations. Our song became popular but our members are still unknown." Hyo-min added that she was happy that T-Ara had its own music style but sad that the unique individuality of each member hadn't been expressed fully and that the group hadn't received the Best New Artist award.

"Each idol girl group wants to be the best. They all want to be loved as much as the
Wonder Girls and Girls' Generation," said So-yeon.

On the question how they were different from other girl groups, the
T-Ara members cited music. "The music of idol groups is too trendy and new to senior people. But our songs are sentimental and easy to listen to. Although our album also contains trendy songs, like 'Bo Peep Bo Peep,' it also contains songs that even older people like, such as 'Like The First Time', 'Apple Is' and 'You You You,'" said So-yeon. Read more

Four for one, one for all

From left: Jang Dong-gun; Song Seung-heon; Lee Byung-hun; and Won Bin

Japanese fans of the Korean Wave are about to get a special gift.

Four stars who were at the vanguard of the wave - Lee Byung-hun, 39; Jang Dong-gun, 37; Song Seung-heon, 33, and Won Bin, 32 - have teamed up for a live show dubbed "Four of a Kind," set to run at the Tokyo Dome on Dec. 17.

This Hallyu, or Korean wave event, unprecedented in its scale, was reportedly conceived independently by the four superstars, who are close friends and often meet privately.

The highlight of the event will come when all four actors perform together. The well-known Japanese producer and lyricist Yasushi Akimoto will produce the show, and Hur Jinho, the Korean film director known for the 1998 movie Christmas in August who recently directed Season of Good Rain starring Jung Woo-sung and Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan, will make a short feature to be used at the performance.

The Tokyo Dome event will also provide a venue for the fans to hear from each of the stars about their lives at the moment and their future plans.

"It's been a long time since I'd met fans at a live show like this. I'm looking forward to seeing what it will be like," Jang was quoted as saying by Yonhap News Agency.

Lee concurred, adding, "It will be a very special event. See you all soon."

Lee won widespread popularity in Asia with his roles in the 2001 TV drama Beautiful Days and the 2003 hit TV series All In, and he recently made his Hollywood debut in the action film G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, released this year.

Jang earned recognition for his performances in the films Friend (2001) and Taegukgi: Brotherhood of War (2004) and recently made headlines by announcing a relationship of two years with Ko So-young, one of the most popular Korean actresses of the late 1990s.

It was Song's role in the 2000 hit drama Autumn in My Heart, in which he played opposite the prominent Korean actress Song Hye-kyo, that first won him notice.

And last but not least, the youngest in the group, Won Bin, who appeared in Autumn in My Heart as a new face then rose to fame with his role in Taegukgi, was recently featured at this
year's Cannes Film Festival in the acclaimed film Mother, directed by Bong Joon-ho (The Host).

Though the details of the event are still under discussion by the four actors' management agencies due to their busy schedules, it promises to be an unforgettable evening for the stars' rabid fans.

credit to: Park Sun-young KOREA Magazine (Dec. 2009)

Bae Yong-joon Sues Travel Agent Over Fan Tour

Korean superstar
Bae Yong-joon has filed a W100 million lawsuit against a travel agency that sold a tour package for Japanese tourists whose itinerary includes Bae's favorite coffee shop, hair salon and home (US$1=W1,153).

In the suit filed with the Seoul Central District Court, the 37-year-old actor said the travel agency infringed his privacy and right of publicity by using his picture to advertise the tours and demanded W50 million each time it commits the violation.

Bae said the agency posted his name and photo on its website without his permission, and, by disclosing the location of his home, restricted his private sphere. When contacted, the agency promised to remove the program from its sales list but failed to do so.


source : Chosun

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wonder Girls to Appear in American Hit Reality Show

The Wonder Girls will appear on the hit reality show "So You Think You Can Dance'' Dec. 9 as guests, according to the girl group's agency JYP Entertainment.

The five-member band, which became the first Korean singers to enter the Billboard Hot 100 in October, will sing their hit number "Nobody,'' along with Kris Allen, the season eight American Idol winner. Allen will perform his newest single "Live Like We're Dying.''
"We believe that the opportunity was scheduled because the girls made it on the Billboard charts and also because of their appearance as the opening act of the Jonas Brothers. We hope the girls will be appearing in other famous shows as well,'' the band's agency said.

The girls were introduced as a .pop sensation'' on the program's Web site, adding that they are the striking chord with a young U.S. audience.''

"So You Think You Can Dance'' is aired on Fox and has become one of the most popular television shows in the U.S. Contestants are chosen through auditions, ranging from street to professional dancers. The final 20 make it to the program, and from there, the dancers are assigned different dance styles and partners each week.

There are currently spin-offs in a number of countries, including New Zealand, Ukraine, Turkey, Canada, Germany and Norway.

The Wonder Girls has been active in the U.S. with their catchy song "Nobody,'' attracting both young and old fans with their cute and easy-to-follow dance moves and lyrics.

The band's number ranked 76th on the October Billboard Hot 100, which was written by its producer JYP, also known as Park Jin-young. The group signed a management contract with the Jonas Group and Hollywood's Creative Artists Agency (CAA) as the band's agency in the U.S.

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Son Ye-jin and Go Soo in Cosmopolitan Magazine November 2009

Kim Hyun-jung to Get 3 Awards at Gala in HK

Align Center

K-pop idol Kim Hyun-jung
of boy-band SS501 will receive three prizes at the"Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2009," a gala event which will be held in Hong Kong on Dec. 14, his aides said.

The annual awards ceremony, jointly organized by Yahoo portal operators in Korea, Hong Kong and Taipei, has honored stars chosen by netizens since 2003.

The awards reserved for him are ―"Buzz International Single,'' "KR Top Buzz Artist" and "Taiwan Top Buzz Korean Artist."

The Buzz International Single award is given to an entertainer who claims the top spot in the list of most searched entertainers by Internet users on Yahoo sites in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

The award signifies that Kim is the top hallyu star in Asia. Kim gained international fame after starring in the KBS smash hit "Boys over Flowers'' as a handsome tycoon heir earlier this year.

His band SS501 will also receive the"Buzz International Group" award. The band will have a concert in Hong Kong on Dec. 12 before attending the awards ceremony.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kim Joon struck by H1N1 virus

Having been cleared of having H1N1 earlier in the month, it looks like Kim Joon cannot escape his fate as it was revealed late on 26th November that he has tested positive for H1N1. This brings to a total of 3 celebrities who have tested positive for H1N1 on the 26th, with earlier confirmed cases being SHINee's Taemin and MBLAQ's Thunder.

According to a representative from Planet 905, Kim Joon is now in hospital receiving treatment, which includes the taking of Tamiflu. His condition is currently stable although there's considerable impact to Kim Joon's upcoming broadcast schedule in Korea and overseas, including a 2D1N trip to the Philippines for a fanmeeting on the 30th.

With 30th November still a few days away, a decision will be taken soon accordingly, depending on Kim Joon's recovery speed and health condition.

source: allkpop