Monday, October 29, 2007

Jun Jin to Make Comeback in TV Drama

Singer Jun Jin will make a comeback in the Chinese New Year TV drama "You Are My Dream."

The drama will air concurrently in Korea, China, Europe and Latin America. It's a story about two people who both have mysterious dreams and meet by coincidence at the airport on their way to China. Afterwards, they try to unravel the mystery of their dreams.

Jun will play opposite an up-and-coming actress. The drama will be produced by a Chinese broadcaster.

Jun's agency, Open World Entertainment, said the singer has been willing to expand his broadcast activities since he joined the agency and has been preparing his first solo album due for release in January next year. The agency added that Jun is also busy preparing a new album with his band Shinhwa.

source: kbs global

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Seven at Kim Hee-Sun's Wedding

Se7en with jazz singer Yoon Hee Jung and Kim Bo Yun at
Kim Hee Sun's wedding


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Monday, October 22, 2007

Kim Hee Sun’s wedding photos

Choi Jin Shil, Kim Hee Sun, Lee Young Ja & Song Yoon Ah

Photos : Star News, newsen , themythcafe ,soompi,themythmovie

Korea’s No.1 beauty queen,
Kim Hee-Sun’s wedding to Park Ju-Yeong finally took place on October 19, 2007 at the Aston House, a mansion built on the outskirts of the Sheraton Walker Hill’s property in Seoul of South Korea
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Congratulations to Kim Hee Sun! She looks beautiful in her wedding dress

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Pop Life Is Tough Work, Say Wonder Girls

The girls looked tired in their short skirts. "We sing seven or eight times after finishing school every day," says one of the Wonder Girls, somehow managing a bright smile. The five Wonder Girls -- Sun-mi, Sun-ye, Ye-eun, Yoo-bin and So-hee -- were wearing heavy makeup and their individually unique, funky outfits. "We really feel our popularity when 30-year-old guys ask us for autographs. It's amazing. It seems like people have been waiting for easy songs like ours."

"People who were students in the 1980s say our retro-style song 'Tell Me' feels familiar. And teenagers like it because it sounds fresh. People think of us as a group rather than as individuals. I just really appreciate it when they recognize us," says Sun-ye, the 18-year-old leader of the group.

"When we sang the song 'Irony,' some students were jealous of me," says Sun-mi, 15. "But recently everybody likes the 'Tell Me' dance. There's even another Wonder Girls group at school. Five students made up a group and dance to 'Tell Me.' They even asked me to teach them the dance."

The Wonder Girls enjoy watching UCC (user created content) in their free time. "I was impressed by a video from a group of soldiers who danced to 'Tell Me' in their uniforms," says Ye-eun, 18. "They rolled up their pants like hot pants. They were pretty good dancers, but the video was hilarious."

Each of the members has been through a long period of training. "My dream was to become a singer. Of course there were tough times, but I had confidence in myself that I could do well," says Sun-ye, who spent seven years preparing for her debut. "I got frustrated sometimes during my two-year training period," says 19-year-old Yu-bin with a smile. "But two years seems like nothing compared to Sun-ye's seven years."

The Wonder Girls say they were stunned by the outfits and choreography for "Tell Me" when they first saw them. "We didn't like wearing the outfits. But once we shot the music video in them, it was fun," says So-hee, 15. The music at the time was still new to them and it wasn't easy to get the choreography right. "The choreography looks simple but it's actually quite complex. Small repetitive motions with the hips, chin and shoulders -- it makes a strong image," said the Wonder Girls.

credit : Chosun Ilbo

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kim Hee-sun to Marry Park Joo-young October 19

Actress Kim Hee-sun, who will wed enterpreneur Park Joo-young on October 19, has chosen Yoon Hee-jung and Seven to sing at the wedding ceremony.

Kim met jazz vocalist Yoon while doing a TV show. At the time, Kim performed some jazz after getting lessons from Yoon.

Seven, on the other hand, had reportedly been a close friend of Kim since his debut, a fact which the actress's management agency confirmed.

Kim's wedding is expected to be a quiet, non-publicized affair with 200 of the bride and groom's family and friends attending. The wedding ceremony will be held at the Grand Walker Hill Hotel's Aston House.

source: kbs global

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The five Shin-Kis flew to Thailand over the weekend to promote their “2nd Asia Tour Concert ‘O’ in Bangkok” scheduled for December 15th & 16th.


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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lee Honey Charms 'Hero' Hero

Lee Honey
, Miss Korea 2006 and Miss Universe third runner-up 2007, has met with top Japanese actor Takuya Kimura, who is in Korea for the 12th Pusan International Film Festival.

Lee interviewed Kimura as the hostess of "SBS TV Entertainment." The Japanese actor was reportedly quite pleased with the interview, for which he managed to make time despite a busy schedule meeting with fans and promoting his movie "Hero," to be released here on Oct. 25.

Lee tried her best to create an amicable mood. She introduced herself and conversed a bit in simple Japanese, which she had studied for the meeting with Kimura. The reason he's been a top star for so long, Lee told Kimura, is because his charisma makes him look perfect in any pose and also because he's a family man.

Meanwhile, Lee's agency said that the beauty queen-turned entertainer could only speak a small amount of Japanese in the interview, but she's determined to devote herself to learning foreign languages, including Japanese, to become an international star.

source: chosun Ilbo

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Kim Hee Seon in Wedding Dress & her fiance, Park Ju-young



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Monday, October 8, 2007

Song Seung-heon Planning 10th Anniv. Project in Japan

Actor Song Seung-heon is reportedly planning a large scale project in Japan to mark the tenth anniversary of his debut.

Japan's Sankei Sports said in its Saturday online edition that Hallyu star Song will hold a fan meeting at the Saitama Super Arena on Feb. 16.

As the first step of the tenth anniversary celebration, he will release a photo DVD on Jan. 25, which will be shot in Los Angeles next month.

The second event is a secret autograph session planned during his visit to Japan.

Sankei said Song is popular in Japan due to his dramas 'Autumn in My Heart' and 'Summer Scent' and that his first visit to Japan last December attracted 6,000 fans at Narita International Airport. It added his popularity could surpass that of Bae Yong-jun.

source:kbs global

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Choi Ji-woo to Appear in Paris Fashion Show

Actress Choi Ji-woo will appear in a fashion show for the globally renowned brand Louis Vuitton.

Choi's agency said the actress is the only Asian star to have been invited to Louis Vuitton's 2008 Spring/Summer Collection. Other celebrities who have participated in the show so far include Uma Thurman, Jennifer Lopez and Scarlett Johansson.

Louis Vuitton invited Choi following her photo shoot of Louis Vuitton's 2007 collection that was published in a fashion magazine.

Choi will leave for Paris Oct. 6 to participate in the show Oct. 7.

The actress will also soon promote her TV drama "Aircity" in Japan, where the drama will begin airing Oct. 26.

source: kbs global

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Kim Hee-Sun's Wedding Gowns revealed

Kim Hee-Sun's wedding will be held on October 10th and she revealed her Wedding Gowns.


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Lee Joon Ki became a new family member of Jackie Chan!

[ Photo credit : junki's cyworld ]

Lee Joon Ki
became a new family member of Jackie Chan!

According to Mentor Entertainment, where Lee Joon Ki belongs to, Lee Joon Ki recently agreed to hire EEG (Emperor Entertainment Group) to be his management company in Chinese market. EEG, division of Emperor Group, is an entertainment management company with Jackie Chan, Joey Yung and a group called Twins. Emperor group also owns a film production called JCE.

Lee Jun ki & Twins

Lee Joon Ki is seeking a way to get into the Chinese market by holding an autograph event in Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan, said the officials from Mentor Entertainment.

It was also interested by foreign news reporters. AP, reported from Hong Kong, reported that Lee Joon Ki has signed up with EEG and had the autograph event in Hong Kong on October 2nd, sitting on a throne just like his movie, 'King and I'.

AP also reported that Lee's performance fee for this event was around 1,3 million U.S. dollars but EEG never confirmed it.

EEG would start Lee's career in Chinese market by starting with movies. Lee recently appeared as a National Intelligence Service Agent of Korea in 'The time of dog and the wolf'

source: broasia

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