Saturday, October 6, 2007

Lee Joon Ki became a new family member of Jackie Chan!

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Lee Joon Ki
became a new family member of Jackie Chan!

According to Mentor Entertainment, where Lee Joon Ki belongs to, Lee Joon Ki recently agreed to hire EEG (Emperor Entertainment Group) to be his management company in Chinese market. EEG, division of Emperor Group, is an entertainment management company with Jackie Chan, Joey Yung and a group called Twins. Emperor group also owns a film production called JCE.

Lee Jun ki & Twins

Lee Joon Ki is seeking a way to get into the Chinese market by holding an autograph event in Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan, said the officials from Mentor Entertainment.

It was also interested by foreign news reporters. AP, reported from Hong Kong, reported that Lee Joon Ki has signed up with EEG and had the autograph event in Hong Kong on October 2nd, sitting on a throne just like his movie, 'King and I'.

AP also reported that Lee's performance fee for this event was around 1,3 million U.S. dollars but EEG never confirmed it.

EEG would start Lee's career in Chinese market by starting with movies. Lee recently appeared as a National Intelligence Service Agent of Korea in 'The time of dog and the wolf'

source: broasia

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