Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Love Is in the Air for Korean Celebrities

The month of June must be the season of love, as Korean celebrities admit their relationships and make a wedding announcement.

Earlier in the week, popular singer Jang Yun-jeong surprised everyone by admitting that she and wacky comedian Roh Hong-cheol were indeed a couple. Then K-pop idol Se7ven confirmed the rumor that he has been seeing actress Park Han-byeol for the past seven years. The whole affair came to light when Se7en wrote a posting entitled “I’ll Tell You Everything” on his mini homepage. The couple first met when they were seniors in high school and has remained very close for over seven years. He said that he didn’t want to make the relationship public, because he wanted to let the affection grow naturally like those of other ordinary couples. But now he’s telling his fans everything to be fair to Park and ask for the blessings of his fans.

Then on Thursday comedian Jung Hyung-don of the “Infinite Challenge” fame said that he’s getting married this fall on September 12th. The bride-to-be is a writer of an MBC variety show and met Jung when they were both working on a show called “The Mystery Commandos.”
source: KBS Global

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Super Junior in Cosmopolitan June 2009


Song Hye-gyo Named Asia Panda Goodwill Ambassador

Top actress
Song Hye-gyo was named the world’s first Asia Panda Goodwill Ambassador and visited a panda base situated in the city of Chengdu in Sichuan Province last Thursday.

Song spent time with giant pandas in the outdoor farm, feeding and playing with them. She was amazed to see real live pandas and spoke of the importance of protecting pandas and other endangered animals. The actress also was told that a panda at the Chengdu base had lived in Korea for three years and had a baby upon returning to China.

Song was awarded the certificate and plaque of Asia Panda Goodwill Ambassadorship in Beijing last Saturday.

source: KBS Global

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Lee Min Jung in Vogue Girl

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gu Hye-seon Debuts as Artist and Music Composer

Actress Gu Hye-seon
, who has published a novel and debuted as a filmmaker, is poised now to make a foray into painting and music composing. She will hold an exhibition late next month in Insa-dong to showcase some 40 of her works.

Gu is also preparing a new-age album slated for release late this year. The album contains compositions that she has personally written. She has written 11 compositions so far and is currently recording them. Originally, they were intended for a movie that she has been in preparations to produce.

Last year, Gu drew the covert art for singer Gummy’s fourth album and included more than 40 of her illustrations in her first novel, “Tango,” which was published last month.

On May 17, Gu received the Audience Award at the Busan Asian Short Film festival for a short film that she had directed and for which she wrote the script.

The versatile and talented actress says she has many dreams and wants to try many things.

source: KBS Global

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