Saturday, October 25, 2008

Han Chae-young and Kiwi Director Become Cinematic Soul Mates

A press conference on pre-production of the film “Soul Mates” -- the first ever joint Korean-New Zealand movie to be made -- was held at the Paradise Hotel in Busan on Oct. 4.

In the spotlight at the conference was actress Han Chae-young, who has been cast in a leading role. When asked about appearing in a foreign film for the first time, she said, “Of course I feel the pressure. It is my first time appearing in a film in English, but because the director (Scott Reynolds) is so capable and effective at communicating with actors and actresses, I don’t think it will be difficult to make this film.”

Director Reynolds is already well known to the Korean public as the director of “The Ugly,” featured in the 1997 Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival.

Reynolds said, “New Zealanders love Korean movies. For example, ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’ by Kim Jee-woon was very popular. Han, who combines the beauty of both East and West, is a perfect fit for this movie.

“I don’t just mean her physical qualities. She should evolve into a top actress through her role of Jin-hee in ‘Soul Mates.’”

Soul Mates” is a horror-thriller about eternal love, and will incorporate elements from Asian shamanism. Filming is expected to begin in January of next year.


source: Chosun

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Actor Won Bin's Parents' House Wins 2008 Korean Architecture Award

The house actor Won Bin built for his parents in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province has won the 2008 Korean Architecture Award. IDMM Architects, which was in charge of designing the house, said the house won the award on September 22.

The 406.46㎡ house, located on national highway 42, boasts an innovative structure. The first floor of the house leads directly to the third floor, without a second floor.

Apparently, Won Bin showed a photograph of Jennifer Lopez's Beverly Hills mansion to architect Kwak Hee-soo, and also asked him to incorporate memories of his old childhood home in Gangwon Province into the design.

The kitchen is adorned with red bricks and features an old-style cooking-range that can heat the floor of the guest room.

source: KBS Global

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Superstar Rain Returns

World star Rain kicked off his singing career in Korea after a 2-year hiatus by appearing late Thursday for the filming of his comeback special. After he released his fourth album in 2006, he has concentrated on his acting career, appearing in the Hollywood blockbuster “Speed Racer” and starring in “Ninja Assassin” slated for release in 2009. But even while shaping his acting career, Rain has steadily worked on his fifth album, the first product since his departure from his mentor and producer Park Jin-young.

Rain’s fifth album “Rainism” showcases a wide range of his abilities. During the filming of his comeback special at the MBC Open Hall in Ilsan on the outskirts of Seoul, 1,000 of his fans gathered to see how far Korea’s hottest entertainer has evolved over the years. He has written songs and closely participated in all the phases of its production. In addition to his signature power dance, he showed that he had a comic touch in “Fresh Woman” in which he was dressed up in workout clothes and a fuzzy wig. The audience went wild at his funny expressions and comments.

Actress Kim Sun-ah
of “My Name is Kim Samsoon” fame made a surprise visit to the stage during Rain’s performance of “Bad Man.” Dressed in a skimpy dress, Kim danced a sultry number with Rain to the envy of his fans. Rain’s special will be aired in two parts – a documentary and a comeback concert. His much anticipated fifth album will go on sale on October 15th.

source: KBS World

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rain’s 5th Album Teaser to Be Released

A teaser music video of the hottest K-pop star Rain’s fifth album will be released on Thursday, October 2nd. Rain’s agent said that the teaser video of “Love Story” will be first posted on online music sites like MNet and major portal sites. Now Rain’s fans will be able to get a taste of his new music video shot in some of the trendiest places in southern Seoul.

Actress Ha Ji-won
has co-starred in the music video opposite Rain, who will show the sexy, yet dangerous aspect of himself. Rain himself has planned and starred in the video, which is about the dark and sizzling love story between a bad boy and a femme fatale.

The teaser video will be released on Naver, Daum, Cyworld, and on October 1st, which will be followed by the second round of teaser release as well as the disclosure of music source and the full version of the music video.

source: KBS World

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Kwon Sang-woo & Son Tae-young Say "I Do"

Actor Kwon Sang-woo and Son Tae-young tied the knot at the Shilla Hotel in Jangchung-dong, Seoul, on September 28. 350 guests attended the much talked-about event.

The couple's wedding ceremony was hosted by KBS announcer Yoon In-gu and officiated by Grand National Party lawmaker Joo Ho-young. Singer Jo Sung-mo and Son's brother-in-law and pianist Yiruma each performed nuptial songs. The newlyweds will move into Kwon's apartment in Samsung-dong, Seoul.

Kwon made his acting debut in 2001 through the MBC drama series "Delectable Proposal." He rose to stardom through the 2003 film "My Tutor Friend" and starred in numerous hit films including "Spirit of Jeet Kun Do" and "Running Wild." He also starred opposite Choi Ji-woo in the SBS drama series "Stairway to Heaven."

Meanwhile, Son made her debut as a TV entertainer in 2000 after she finished second runner-up at the 2000 Miss Korea beauty pageant. She also starred in numerous TV drama series including "100 Roses" and "I Am Sam" as well as films such as "Sad Movie" and "Gyeongeui Line."

Source:KBS Global

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