Friday, January 28, 2011

JYJ models for NII


Actress Lee Young-ae To Give Birth In February

Hallyu star Lee Young-ae will be welcoming a new baby girl to this world in February. The birth is scheduled to happen in a hospital in Cheongdam-dong of Seoul.

The 40-year-old actress has stayed very low key after getting married to a businessman in August of 2009. She's currently in the middle of pursuing a phD, and has barely been seen out of her home. That hasn't stopped the rumor mill from spitting out speculations, such as Lee being pregnant with twins.

An inside source said, "Lee Young-ae is extremely happy after hearing her doctor's latest news that she will be having a daughter. There are high expectations for a beautiful daughter, especially if she takes after her mother. The due date is set in mid-February, but because this is Young-ae's first child, it may be a little later by a week or so."

With her due date just around the corner, Lee has been taking extra pre-cautions on everything. Particularly, she's been avoiding leaving her house as much as possible with the freezing winter weather. However, she hasn't been slacking on her other motherly duties. For example, Lee has bought all the needed baby products and packed her bags for when she checks in to the hospital to give birth. Currently, she has been keeping up with basic physical exercises as she waits to meet her daughter.

One thing Lee hasn't done as of yet is to make plans with a post-natal care center. It has yet to be seen whether she will use the one the hospital recommends or another outside center. Above all, she seeks a center that will honor her and her daughter's privacy while delivering quality care.

source: KBS Global

Hyun Bin Stops Traffic in Downtown Seoul

Traffic in downtown Seoul snarled last Saturday when legions of fans of heartthrob swarmed to a department store there. Hyun, star of the recent hit soap "Hyun BinSecret Garden," was due to arrive at Lotte Department Store in Myeongdong in the afternoon to sign autographs to promote men's cosmetics line Laneige Homme. Even though his arrival was not advertised, his fans caught on somehow and formed a queue that stretched through the lobby of an adjacent hotel and into the subway station down the street.

Some had spent the night in the subway station braving sub-zero temperatures. The event had been scheduled just two weeks before and the store decided not to advertise it due to safety concerns. But posts on Hyun's fan sites about the event set phones at the cosmetics company ringing off the hook.

Rumors spread that only VIP customers would be given autographs or that people had to buy at least W100,000 or even W300,000 worth of makeup to get his autograph.

As the 10:30 a.m. opening approached, more and more people began to gather around the department store, making it difficult for staff to open for business. A separate waiting area for fans was set up. Huge groups of Japanese tourists who had heard about the event and flew all the way over also converged on the store.

Fans pack the street in front of Lotte Department Store in Sogong-dong, Seoul to get an autograph of actor Hyun Bin on Saturday. /Courtesy of Laneige Homme

The fans were given numbered pieces of paper, but the 110 available tickets ran out almost immediately.

Hyun appeared at 2 p.m. as scheduled. The throngs of fans plus weekend shoppers threw the department store into chaos. The cosmetics company hired 20 bodyguards, five accompanied Hyun, and the department store deployed all of its own security personnel. The event lasted for 55 minutes. A total of 130 people received Hyun's autographs, including around 20 VIP customers.

"I knew Hyun Bin's popularity was skyrocketing, but I didn't think it was this much," said a staffer who was responsible for organizing the event. "It's amazing that we got through the event without major accidents."

source: Chosun Ilbo

Song Hae Kyo to Release Photo Album 'Song Hae Kyo's Moment'

Hallyu star Song Hae Kyo (29) will publish her photo album entitled "Song Hae Kyo's Moment" on January 28 in the market, targeting the entire world. The publishing company Nangman Books said on January 24, "Song Hae Kyo will publish her first photo album which contains her photos taken when she visited six countries including France, Italy, USA, Argentina, and the Netherlands for the past five years. The books will be published in limited quantities, and all two thousands of the published books will have their own serial number. Half of them have already been ordered by overseas markets.

" The famous fashion photographers Peter Lindbergh and Helena Christensen, who was once a super model, participated in producing the photo album. The publishing company added, "Around 150 staff members worked together to take pictures of actress Song Hae Kyo's most beautiful moments from her twenties to thirties and we have selected the best photos from the total of 400 photos." In addition, Chinese stars such as Tony Leung, Zhang Ziyi, Yang Ziqiong, Wong Gaa Wa, and Wu Yusen left messages for Song -- well-established as a Hallyu star -- in the prologue.

The publishing company said, "Song Hae Kyo is preparing her second photo album in Korea, and part of the profits from the album sales will be donated to a children's foundation.

source: KBS Global

Friday, January 21, 2011

Lee Byung Hun to Star in Hollywood Blockbuster 'G.I.Joe 2'

Star actor Lee Byung Hun has confirmed his appearance in the Hollywood blockbuster movie "G.I.Joe 2" and will begin filming from June this year, his agency, BH Entertainment announced on January 16. The agency explained, "The writers who had written the script for the movie 'Zombieland,' Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, are now working on writing the script for 'G.I.Joe 2,' and as soon as the director and other cast members are chosen, Lee will start to film the movie from June, as planned. Lee Byung Hun will prepare for filming from May and will fly to the USA in June."

"G.I.Joe 2" will be released in the summer of 2012. Lee had advanced to Hollywood with his appearance in the "G.I.Joe : The Rise Of Cobra" in 2009. The action blockbuster movie, based on the original cartoon about a battle between the G.I. Joe troops, who protect peace in the world, and Cobra, had earned profits of 302.13 million dollars from all around the world.

Lee Byung Hun had played the character "Storm Shadow" in the movie and enjoyed huge popularity. "Storm Shadow" has also been chosen as the most popular character along with "Snake Eye" among fans of the original.

source: KBS Global

Friday, January 7, 2011

Actor Jeong Jun Ho to Wed Announcer Lee Ha Jeong

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Actor Jeong Jun Ho (41) said on January 4 that he would marry MBC announcer Lee Ha Jeong (32) this coming spring. Jeong Jun Ho appeared on the KBS radio program “Im Paek Chun’s Radio 7080” (1061.MHz), and made the announcement about his wedding.

The host, Im Paek Chun, asked Jeong Jun Ho, “When will you have the wedding ceremony?” and Jeong answered, “I will set a good date for the wedding.” Im asked again, “Will you set the date in spring?” and he agreed, saying, “Yes, maybe I have to.”

Jeong Jun Ho described Lee Ha Jeong, saying, “She is a very nice person. I thought that I might need to meet a nice person and get married.”

Lee Ha Jeong joined MBC in 2005 and had hosted the children’s program “Kiss Kiss Kiss,” and now appears on the “Six O’Clock News” as an anchorwoman

source: KBS Global