Monday, April 25, 2011

Lee Ji-ah & Seo Taiji Married With No Children

After the news of actress Lee Ji-ah and singer Seo Taiji's marital relations reached the public, Lee has finally stepped out to confirm or deny rumors. The basic gist of it all: 1. She and Seo were indeed married for several years. 2. They don't have any children together.

Lee's agency, KEYEAST Entertainment released a statement confirming that the former couple had taken matters of divorce settlement to court. They emphasized that they weren't in court for a divorce case, but an alimony case.

KEYEAST explained the history between the two stars. Lee had left to study abroad in the US in 1993, and there she met Seo Taiji through a mutual friend at a Korean concert in Los Angeles. Despite the fact that Seo had to return to Korea, the two kept in touch via phone calls and letters, and eventually became a couple.

Seo had an early, temporary retirement in 1996, when he decided to live in the US. There, Lee helped him overcome and adjust to the language and cultural barriers. The two became closer and got married privately in 1997. They lived out their marriage lives in Atlanta and Arizona.

Seo made a comeback in June of 222 and so returned to Korea, while Lee lived alone in the US until she requested a divorce in 2006. The divorce was finalized in 2009 due to reasons of career, lifestyle, and personality differences.

On a trip to Korea in 2004, Lee coincidentally landed a cell phone commercial deal. This started off her career as an actress. Lee moved back to Korea from the US for good in 2005, just in time to earn a role in the drama "Taewangsashingi". Lee expressed that she couldn't help but keep her marriage life a secret because of how famous Seo was. She apologized for keeping the truth from everyone and said that she had a rough time during that period.

KEYEAST stressed that rumors of the ex-couple having children together are untrue. Also that though young, Lee and Seo were truly in love. It's just unfortunate that divorce matters couldn't be settled peacefully.

source: KBS Global

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