Friday, September 28, 2007

Japanese film featuring Kim Rae Won to open next spring

Kim Rae Won will be starring in a Japanese film as one of the main leads.

Sankei Sports reported on the 20th that Hallyu Star Kim Rae Won was cast as the main lead for "Hanakake (Flower Shadow)" and completed filming.

The film is directed by Gawai Hayato, director of "Bayside Shakedown" and Yamamoto Mirai co-stars Kim Rae Won.

The newspaper also reported, "Kim Rae Won was selected amidst a search for a Korean actor who can take in and protect the female lead character in a melodrama that takes place in Korea and Japan."

Kim Rae Won who established his position as a Hallyu star through "Attic Cat," "Love Story in Harvard," and others commented, "It is my pleasure to be able to work on a film that bridges the gap between Korea and Japan. I hope many Japanese fans will come watch the movie." Yamamoto Mirai commented, "I learned a lot from the passionate Korean actors and staff."
Filming began in the spring in Busan, Tokyo, and Osaka while the movie gathered attention from Hallyu fans that came to visit the set.


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