Friday, September 14, 2007

Lee Ji Hoon returns as a singer after three years

and singer Lee Ji Hoon will return as a singer after three and a half years with a new album in September. He has been appearing in movies and drama series after his 5th album in April of 2004.
Lee Ji Hoon says, "The recording schedule has been overlapping with filming but I have been recording in between schedules and quite an amount has been finished. It is my first album in three and a half years so I am very careful. I will most likely be able to release a new album in September."

Lee Ji Hoon recently appeared as a guest during Shin Hye Sung's first solo concert tour and displayed his unchanged singing talent. He also joined the tour in Osaka (27th) and Nagoya (29th) along with the two Seoul shows on the 11th and 12th.

For the ending of the Nagoya show, he sang 'In Hyung (Doll)' as a duet with Shin Hye Sung along with the song 'I miss you,' theme song of 'Stairway to Heaven.' When he presented a cake along with the staff to congratulate Shin Hye Sung's first solo concert, Shin Hye Sung showed tears displaying their close friendship.

In Japanese, Lee Ji Hoon also commented, "My friend Hye Sung seems to be popular in Japan. I am starting to want to continue pursuing my singing career as well."


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