Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wondergirls Comeback

As the five-member group Wondergirls are preparing for their comeback with a new album this month, they're also planning a special event for their fans all over the world. JYP Entertainment announced on May 6th that they will be accepting video entries for this special fan event until May 22nd. Well, the question is: video entries of what?!

Video clips of small groups of fans (about 3-5 people) gathering for the Wondergirls' CD release launching event on the 16th that will be streaming live on Ustream. Or it can even be of fans gathering for live web chat sessions! Fans can use digital cameras, camcorders, their cellphones... all to catch clips of fans coming together to support Wondergirls. Each group should also submit the name of their representative member, contact information, country/city, email, etc. The winning group will receive Wondergirls memorabilia, a signed copy of their CD, polaroid pictures of the girls, signed photos, among other things.

JYP said that this event was planned to bring the girls closer with all of their fans regardless of age, gender, or nationality.

source: KBS Global

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