Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Japanese Writer: ‘Young Woong Jaejoong Will Become Successful Actor’

A Japanese drama writer praised Korean actor Young Woong Jaejoong, who is now acting in the Japanese TV drama "I Can't Be Honest."

According to a person at Image Factory, which is an importer of the movie “Halfway,” Kitagawa Eriko, who is a writer for the drama “I Can’t Be Honest,” sent a letter to the film company saying, “I strongly believe that Young Woong Jaejoong will establish his foundation as an actor by appearing in the drama ‘I Can’t Be Honest.’”

Kitagawa is a famous writer as she has written successful dramas including “I Can’t Be Honest” and “One Million Stars Falling from the Sky,” and she also debuted as a movie director with “Halfway,” which was released in Korea last month.

Kitagawa continued to say in the letter, “Jaejoong is transcending national boundaries by acting in the Japanese drama 'I Can’t Be Honest.' I am enjoying working with him.”

The drama “I Can’t Be Honest” began airing from April 15 on Fuji TV and it portrays stories of love and friendship between a man and a woman who became friends through Twitter. Young Woong Jaejoong is playing a Korean man who works at a medical instrument company in Tokyo and he appears in the drama together with star Japanese actors including Ueno Juri, Nagayama Eita, and Tamayama Tetsuji.

The Movie “Halfway,” which was released on April 29 in Korea, tells stories of teenagers utilizing beautiful scenes and the director, Iwai Shunji--who made “Love Letter”--produced the movie.

source: KBS Global

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