Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Actor Lee Min-ho : Most Popular Korean Celebrity On Facebook

Actor Lee Min-ho, currently starring in the drama "Personal Taste", but best known for his role as Goo Joon-pyo in the drama "Boys Over Flowers", is drawing attention for his fan base on the popular social networking site, Facebook. As of May 5th, he currently has over 544,420 fans worldwide that are subscribed to his official Facebook account. This is a new record for any Korean star! Although this may not sound like a big deal when compared to some of the big Hollywood stars, it's still quite a notable amount. To put things into perspective, US actor Leonardo Dicaprio has about 296,831 fans while Korean group Wondergirls has about 241,294 fans to their name.

When broken down, his Facebook fans are made up of 25% Americans, 3% Koreans, and the remaining 72% of fans from 16 southeast Asian countries (including Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia) plus Canada and France. Though there are obviously some language barriers, due to fans being able to translate any information or updates from Lee in real time, this has not slowed down the Lee Min-ho fever.

Lee's representative voiced that the response from fans to Lee to connecting with them through the site have been great. Also, keeping in mind that Koreans aren't as active on Facebook compared to people from other countries, Lee's reps said that they hope time would change that, thus only increasing his fan base.

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