Monday, May 3, 2010

Lee Joon-ki Starts His Military Training

It was a sad for fans of actor Lee Joon-ki, as he had to answer to the call of his country through serving his mandatory military sentence. Lee showed up on May 3rd, at 1 PM in South Chungcheong province to start his training period. Lee, who is 28 years old, had 500 fans show up to support him.

Fans of the star from the hit film "The King and the Clown" came from all over including Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Hong Kong. Lee was so moved by the love and support that reports indicated he appeared to be teary-eyed.

Lee expressed his gratitude towards his fans and said that though it felt strange to have to say good-bye, that he'd do his best during his sentence. He talked about the project that he was signed on for until recently (due to his military sentence). He said that though he was sad about not being able to participate on it, he didn't want to push off his mandatory service any longer. He apologized to his fans for pulling out of the movie and assured them that he would return with an even greater project. He continued on to say that as a Korean male, this was something he had to do. When asked if he was planning on entering the separate military sector designated for celebrities, he replied that he didn't know and that it wasn't up to him. He added that to make up for his late entry, he would serve his term even that much harder.

Lee had also participated in a photo shoot the day before before he cut his hair short for military duty. He said it was for his fans to see him one last time with longer hair.

The military training that starts May 3rd will last for five weeks before he receives his assignment. Lee Jun-ki fans will have to look forward to February of 2012 which is when he is set to be discharged.

source: KBS Global

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