Thursday, February 5, 2009

Top Korea, Japan Idol Groups Share Talk Show

The top pop groups of Korea and Japan--DBSK (or TVXQ) and SMAP--have met on a Japanese program.

DBSK on Jan. 29 joined the recording of the popular show "SMAP×SMAP" on Fuji TV, hosted by SMAP. In a friendly atmosphere, the two groups talked and sang together. The program airs next month.

Previously, top Korean stars such as Jang Dong-geon, Song Seung-heon, Lee Young-ae, Choi Ji-woo, Ryu Si-won, Gwon Sang-woo and Sin Hye-seong appeared in the program's "Bistro SMAP" segment. Sin notably sang a live duet with SMAP member Kusanagi Tsuyoshi.

The two top groups had already met Dec. 31 during an NHK year-end pop festival, the most prestigious of its kind in Japan. The two groups briefly met during rehearsals and DBSK later went to SMAP's room for a formal greeting.

SMAP member Takuya Kimura talked about that first encounter on a radio show last month. He laughingly said, "The room was small for ten healthy men. It was suffocating. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi's supposed Korean skills didn't really come out."

The Korean group's appearance on "SMAP×SMAP" is as significant as their first meeting last month.

Japan's Johnny's Entertainment manages not only SMAP but many other top notch idol groups including KinKi Kids. It maintains their popularity by having group members host shows on all private broadcasts.

DBSK is also scheduled to appear soon on a Fuji TV show hosted by the KinKi Kids (Domoto Koichi, Domoto Tsuyoshi). The "honeymoon affair" between DBSK and Johnny's is expected to continue for quite some time.

source: KBS Global

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