Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ryu to Sing Japanese Drama Theme Song

and actor Ryu Siwon (36) will sing the theme song of a Japanese drama.

His albums have ranked high on the Oricon chart upon their release in Japan. The song is "Cafe Wonderland" from the drama "おちゃべり," a new daytime drama airing on Mainichi TV and TBS-TV starting March 1.

"Cafe Wonderland" will be released March 11 as Ryu's 9th single title and his first this year, which marks the 5th anniversary of his debut in Japan.

Ryu will also appear at the end of every episode of the 20-episode drama and deliver a 15-second "love" message targeting married women.

In the message, he will echo lines Japanese women would love to hear from their husbands such as "The scent of washed clothes is your love" or "I'm sorry I threw my clothes around here and there."

Ryu recorded the theme song on Jan. 30 at Universal Studio Japan in Osaka. He says the song is very bright and the lyrics cheerful. As for the 15 second "love" spot, he says married women will be happy to hear the words as if spoken by their husbands.

He will also appear in the new SBS Wed/Thurs drama series "City Hall" after a four year break since his 2005 KBS drama "Wedding." He said, "This year will also be a busy year. I'll work hard."

source: KBS Global

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Anonymous said...

It was so wonderful heard it on recording
Pl tell Ryu in one corner of the world there is an admirer ok?