Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rain on Discovery Channel

World-class star Rain will be on the Discovery Channel, a channel specializing in documentaries, in its “Hip Korea” series. Rain’s agency announced that Rain’s episode will start airing in Australia and New Zealand on January 31, and then in Korea and the rest of the Asian region on February 23. Korea’s hot singer/actor is portrayed as a pioneer of Korean pop culture, someone who represents the nation’s dynamic growth.

The production team of “Hip Korea” followed Rain around for six months, capturing on film his everyday life and down-to-earth personality. The cameras show how he talks about his insecurities with his close friend, comedian Kim Je-dong, and still remembers his mother by visiting her gravesite. In addition, the documentary will contain interviews with Steven Colbert, who engaged Rain in a dance battle in his show, The Colbert Report, famed actress Susan Sarandon, Rain’s costar in “Speed Racer,” and director Park Chan-wook and actress Im Su-jeong from “I’m a Cyborg, but That’s Okay.”

The Discovery Channel is aired in 170 countries around the world and its “Hip Korea” series looks at the rising status of Korean pop culture in the world stage.

source: KBS World

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