Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kim Beom to be Released from Hospital This Week

In hospital for injuries sustained in a car accident, Kim Beom, a star of “Boys over Flowers,” will likely be released on Thursday at the latest. The young actor underwent surgery after his van crashed into the rail on his way back from the filming early Monday morning. He sustained injuries to his toe, ankle, back, and spine. He also has to wear a leg cast for at least three weeks, hampering his drama shooting schedule. However, Kim’s agency said he will be back to star in the show, even if he has to do all his scenes sitting down.

Kim had been in another car accident on February 1st. His injuries then were light enough for him to receive physical therapy and shoot the show at the same time.

source: KBS World



alishka said...

hi, kim beom. i hope u r ok. i m very much worried about u after i heard about your accident. i will pray to god that you will be fine soon. i love u.

Margel said...

Hello! Kim Beom,
I am also really worried about your health and hope that you will recover as soon as possible and come back to the limelight again. I love and like you a lot. You are cute and lovable. Get well soon!!!

sanjeeta said...

hi kim!
how are you now?i hope u r better many times have you been in accident?i think you shuld change your driver.sorry!
just take care of yourself get wel soon.i wish 4 ur recovery.
bye.luv u n dont put urself in anykind of stress.

sanjeeta said...

take care kim n get well soon.