Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Shin Dong-wook Plays Detective in Japanese TV Drama

Up-and-coming actor Shin Dong-wook has appeared in a Japanese TV drama as a detective.

In the drama, Shin says all his lines in Japanese, which he says helped him realize that language is just a means of communication and which had opened a new world to him.

Shin says he felt comfortable using Japanese while shooting the drama because the Japanese and Korean languages have much in common. The actor added that unlike Korean dramas, which are shot quickly but have longer scenes, Japanese dramas have shorter scenes and thus require more concentration.

The drama, "Mobile Phone Detective," is expected to boost Shin's popularity in Japan. Episodes featuring Shin will begin airing in Japan Feb. 23.

source: KBS global

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Anonymous said...

If this is true then Im seriously OVER THE MOON with happiness! Finally he is acting again - appearing in another drama - and what's more it's an overseas series! He's got great acting skills (not to mention his smile is super cute XP) so Im glad that he will be using them to entertain his fans once more XD

Anonymous said...

i'm also very happy to hear he's back in acting though i wish it was another Korean drama so we can watch! he's a great actor & it's too bad if it goes to waste! saranghae