Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leading Female Stars Enter a Battle of Generations

Four female leading stars, each representing their respective generations, will heat up the TV screen in 2008.

First up is 40-year-old Korean talent, Choi Jin-Shil. She will star in the MBC weekend drama . She returns to television from an 8-month hiatus after finishing the drama .

is an intricate love story about a bright and cheerful woman named Hong Seon-Hi and a top star named Song Jae-Bin, that all begins at their high school reunion. Movie star Jeong Jun-Ho is to play Choi Jin-Shil’s counterpart.

Son Ye-Jin
is a top star in her twenties, highly reviewed as the next talented star after Choi Jin-Shil to return to the television screen. After her role in the 2006 SBS drama , Son Ye-Jin makes a huge transformation in this year’s movie , receiving recognition in the entertainment industry as an excelling actress. Her next production is , an MBC drama to be aired beginning in May.
is about the passion of local news reporters in their pursuit of the truth and the complications involved with the selection process of reporters. The drama is attracting much attention as Son Ye-Jin plays Kim Eun-Hye, a character based on a former MBC reporter.

Kim Jeong-Eun
is a beautiful actress in her thirties, and regarded as one of the most talented actresses on the TV screen to return in June. Kim Jeong-Eun is to star in the drama , a production by CJ Entertainment. This will be her first debut after the 2006 hit drama .
Kim Jeong-Eun’s counterpart roles are to be played by Lee Seon-Gyun and Ji Hyeon-Woo, two male stars capturing the hearts of women in their twenties and thirties.

In the latter half of 2008, Korea’s top teen star Moon Geun-Yeong is to return to television. Moon Geun-Yeong chooses the SBS drama to make her comeback in 5 years.

This drama takes place during the Joseon Jeongjo period, portraying the life and love of two artistic geniuses, Shin Yun-Bok and Kim Heung-Do. Moon Geun-Yeong raised the interests of television viewers, as she plays the part of Shin Yun-Bok, a woman disguised as a male.
The four top stars become the center of attention as they begin to make their appearances on television sets once again.

source: tour2korean

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