Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Japanese Fans Launch Official Fan Club for Choi Ji-woo

Japanese fans have officially launched a fan club for Korea's top actress Choi Ji-woo, who has led the Korean wave by starring in hit TV dramas such as 'Winter Sonata', 'Beautiful Days' and 'Stairway to Heaven.'

The name of the fan club is 'Lily,' a flower which fans say well-represents Choi's pure and innocent image.

The official website of the fan club will open on March 1 after a pilot run. In the summer, the website will organize various events in which the actress will take part.

On lunar New Year's day, Choi unveiled a new year's message which she personally wrote on the website.

She also left a video message for her Japanese fans expressing her happiness over the launch of her long-awaited Japanese fan club. In her message, she also promised the fans that she will work hard to show her true self through 'Lily' and hoped she would be able to meet them in person soon.

source: kbs global

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Anonymous said...

Love Choi Ji Woo a lot. She's very beautiful & very versatile, a great actress. She already done different genres like melodrama, comedy, romance, horror (The Hole), action (Nowhere to Hide, Shadowless Sword cameo, & Air City). A great lady who's very beautiful in & out. The more you look at her, the more you'll notice her angelic beauty. I hope she & KSW get to collaborate again soon, please (message to the directors & producers).

Anonymous said...

Choi Ji Woo is not only a great actress, but she's also a beautiful, elegant & sophisticated model. She has the perfect body for an ideal model according to fashion designer Andre Kim in his recent interview. He chose CJW among the many celebrities he worked with in his fashion shows. CJW did 5 fashion shows with Mr. Kim.