Thursday, April 29, 2010

Xiah Junsu Sings Theme Song for Micky Yoochun’s Drama

Xiah Junsu, who is a member of Dong Bang Shin Ki which recently suspended its activities as a group, sang the theme song for a drama that another member, Micky Yoochun, appears in as a main character.

The newspaper Sankei Sports delivered the news on April 28 that Micky Yoochun will debut as an actor in the mobile broadcasting company Bee TV’s new drama “Beautiful Love - if you are by my side” and that he will act speaking in Japanese. Also, it added that songs by Xiah Junsu, who debuted as a solo singer, were chosen as the theme song for the drama as well as background music.

The drama “Beautiful Love - if you are by my side” is scheduled to air from June 4, which is Michky Yoochun’s birthday, and it will tell the love story between an offspring of a Korean chaebol and a magazine copy writer who wants to be a novel writer. The female lead will be played by Japanese teenage star Omasa Aya (19).

The producer of Micky Yoochun’s debut drama, Azuma Yasuyuki, explained the casting and continued to praise Micky Yoochun, saying, “I could sense that Mick Yoochun would be a new star as an actor when I saw that he had concentrated on his acting. I fell in love with him as an actor and I personally wish that he will appear in Japanese dramas continuously.”

Micky Yoochun, who made his first attempt at acting, said, “It was very difficult, but, at the same time, it was a very pleasant experience. It is amazing that I can have a different life and experience another person’s life while I act. I was impressed.” Also, he revealed his strong ambition towards both acting and singing by saying, “I want to act again, but I also want to sing again as soon as possible.”

Xiah Junsu, who will release his single album entitled “XIAH” on May 26, sang the theme song “If you are by my side - Beautiful Love” and the background song “Intoxication,” which are included in the single album. Xiah Junsu delivered a cheerful message, saying, “Since Micky Yoochun is cast as the main actor and also because the storyline of the drama is very nice, I did my best to sing these songs to brighten up the mood of the drama.”
source: KBS Global

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