Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ex-2PM Member Jaebum Set To Star in "Hype Nation"

After months of being one of the hottest topics in k-pop, it has been confirmed by the officials of the movie project "Hype Nation" that Jaebum (aka Jay Park) will be returning to Korea in June. He has been casted in a main role in the film which will be set 70% in Korea.

After returning to the US last September, Jaebum has been anything but quiet. He has been uploading videos on YouTube and even performed at a university event. There's been a lot of speculation over the private reason why JYP Entertainment found it unsuitable to have Jaebum rejoin the group.

Regardless of all the media mess, this movie seems to be a potentially big, career-altering break for the young entertainer. Aside from Jaebum, American group B2K is also set to play a role in the movie which will be about b-boys from the east and the west. A Hype Nation official also revealed that different k-pop girl group members are being considered to fill the spot of Jaebum's character's sister.
source: KBS Global

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