Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rain's Knee Injury Not Serious

Singer Rain
, who injured his knee at a concert in Saitama, Japan as part of his "Legend of Rainism" concert tour on August 29-30, said his injury was not serious and that his fans may rest assured.

In a message that Rain sent via Promax, the organizer of the Asia tour, the singer thanked his fans for their encouragement. Rain sprained his leg when performing a jumping move on September 29. He underwent treatment on September 31 at a general hospital in Seoul shortly after returning to Korea.

also added that his Hollywood debut movie, "Ninja Assassin," was to open soon and that he looked forward to hearing his fans' reviews about his acting. He wrote, "My goal right now is to make my name through a movie, but my ultimate goal is to gain global recognition as an actor and artist. As the late Michael Jackson has shown us, artists make a big impact on future generations with their music and performances and are judged by them as well. I want to be an artist who has an impact on the world's future."

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