Monday, September 28, 2009

Lee Seung-ki Co-hosts a Talk Show

Ballad singer Lee Seung-ki has successfully wrapped up the first taping of the new talk show “Heart of Steel,” which he co-hosts with wrestler-turned-comedian Kang Ho-dong. The new program is more like a talk battle program where 24 guest stars talk about a topic in each of two rounds and the winner of each round advances to the finals, where a final winner is decided.

Lee said that he was so nervous about the taping of the first episode that he couldn’t sleep well the night before. A member of the show’s production team commented that although Kang led the show early, Lee soon found his groove and got along well with his co-host and guest members. The first panel of guests included MC Mong, performance artist Nancy Lang, Epik High, Kim Tae-woo, Seung-ri of Big Bang, K-pop diva Baek Ji-young, veteran actress Kyun Mi-ri and comedian Han Min-kwan, among others.

source: KBS Global


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