Monday, September 21, 2009

Bae Yong-jun Hospitalized with Septicemia

It has become belatedly known that star actor Bae Yong-jun has been hospitalized with septicemia.

Bae's agency, BOF, said that the actor collapsed on September 17 because of sudden hypotension and has been hospitalized in southern Seoul. The results of examinations showed that he had the initial stages of septicemia, which was caused by his weakened immune system as a result of fatigue and stress.

"Bae Yong-jun dedicated great effort to writing his book recently. He has lost significant weight over the past year. He has been put on an IV and has no other symptoms," added the agency.

Bae has been busy writing a photo essay book about Korea. He has lost more than 10 kg. An event marking the publishing of his book is slated for September 22 at the National Museum of Korea. On September 29 and 30 he is to attend a promotional event for the animation version of "Winter Sonata" in Tokyo, Japan.

Bae's agency said the actor had been exhausted as he had repeatedly stayed up until late at night to finish his book, and had become very sensitive because of many upcoming important events in Korea and Japan, but he would hopefully be discharged from the hospital before the event marking the publishing of his book.

source: KBS Global

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alecho said...

Oh, this is some news. I don't follow pop culture closely, but I hear he is really popular in Japan (I used to live in Japan for 10yrs). I'm sure it saddens many Japanese fans.