Thursday, March 20, 2008

Super Junior`s Han Kyung to Carry Olympic Torch

SM Entertainment Agency announced that there was an online survey done by Coca-Cola China, a public sponsor of the Beijing Olympics (, and Han Kyung of Super Junior was voted first place as carrier of the 2008 Olympics torch. After deliberations, the Olympics organizational committee sealed the deal.

"The [Olympics] committee chose Han Kyung because they recognized his part in the cultural exchange of China through his activities in Korea and the rest of Asia," the agency stated. "Han Kyung will be participating in the carrying of the Olympic torch in Beijing from August 6th to the 8th."

Han Kyung will be taking his solemn oath at the "Coca-Cola National Olympic Torch-Bearer Ceremony" as a representative of the Olympic flame on the 24th in China. The ceremony will be broadcast on CCTV-5 and Guangdong TV, the official Chinese channels for the 2008 Olympics.

Han Kyung stated, "I'm extremely pleased and honored to be a torch-bearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympics."

source: kbs global

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Anonymous said...

Korean AND Chinese star :D