Monday, March 17, 2008

Actor Song Il-guk Marries Judge

Actor Song Il-guk (37) and a 32-year-old Busan High Court Judge identified only by her family name "Jung" held a private wedding away from the media spotlight at the Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul on March 15.

Officiated by the President of Chung-Ang University Park Beom-hoon, the traditional Korean-style wedding ceremony was attended by one thousand guests. Jazz artist Yoon Hee-jeong and singer Park Ae-ri from the National Changgeuk Company of Korea performed nuptial songs for the bride and groom.

The bride passed the bar exam while doing the doctorate course in the code of civil procedure at Seoul National University's Graduate School of Law. She finished her mandatory training at the Judicial Research and Training Institute in January and became appointed as a Busan High Court Judge in February. Song and Jung were introduced by a mutual friend. They tied the knot after two years of dating.

Song's acquaintances said the actor did not want to make the wedding a public affair, as the bride was not a public personality like himself.

After returning from their honeymoon, the newlyweds plan to settle down in Busan.

Song is the son of veteran actress Kim Eul-dong. He made his acting debut on MBC TV in 1998 and has since become a household name by starring in numerous successful TV shows including 'Terms of Endearment,' 'Emperor of the Sea' and 'Jumong.' His most recent appearance was on 'Lobbyist' on SBS TV.

source: KBS GLOBAL

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Anonymous said...

im happy to know that but still gud luck song il guk-----manila girl

Anonymous said...

i got sad knowing that song il guk got married because i really like him and i want him to be my husband. nahhh.. just joking! but i really did feel sad knowing the news, i just don,t know why. well, anyway i just wish the both of them happiness in life and hope to see more of song il guk on tv.

shoelace of quezon city

Anonymous said...

me too, i got sad when when he got married. i fell in love with him and became my boyfriend upon watching Terms of Endearment, (without him knowing it, heheh). But anyway, i wish them the best of life (though its late) and hope to see him in Korean television dramas. Best wishes to his dear wife.

Anonymous said...

song ll-guk:
i wander as a lonely soul
searching for my romeo
for i am ur juliet
we might have never met
but i know my soul and your
is meant to be
because when i lay in my bed at night
and close my eyes i only see your face
and then i know that we are meant to be together....
In this life we might not be together
but i know that the coming reincarnations
we will be together
as 2 bodies and 1 soul....


Anonymous said...

hi me too sad but it's true he's married now who is her wife

negin said...

A persian girl wants to congratulate song il guk and his wife and wish you the best. I already watched jumung and sea god series and love them.I was looking for more series from you then I found out you just married I am 38 and married too and want to tell you persian people from thousands miles away love you and wish you all happiness. Bye LOVE.

Anonymous said...

jumong,even though your married,i'm stil your no.1 fan,and i love you,i've watch all your movies and tv dramas,your really a great actor...baguio city girl,Philippines.....april 29,2010 10:30pm

Anonymous said...

i hope you will have more kids as handsome as you

Anonymous said...

hi song IL Guk,even it's too late i need to congratulates you and youwife and even though your married,i'm still you'rnumber 1 fan.And behalf of all your fan's here in phillippines we will love you always until the end of our life .U;r the best and only 1 jumong in our heart's...and for your wife,we envy you and still best wishes to both of you...your the only 1 cute,handsome,good actor and had sex appeal who can hook even a 12 yr old girl...we still look forward ur movies and korean drama's.we all proud of you..ur my idol...i wish you can visit here inphilippines especially in wishes even it;s too late.....

georgelind said...

perfect couple!wishn u guyz a hapi married life.cheers!!!she's so lucky 2have u as her spouse,BEST WISHES.

Sholly said...

Just watched Sea God(on dvd).Amazing series, beats anyting from Hollywood and Song was my fave actor-calm, cute and sexy.Hope to see more of him in film and dramas. Best of luck in your marriage.

Lagos babe

mary 4rm lagos, nigeria said...

best of luck in your wedded life. you are my best actor will always be. my jumong, micheal king and muhyul.