Thursday, March 6, 2008

So Ji Sub to appear in Japanese movie "Gegege no Kitaro"

Hallyu star So Ji Sub will transform into a spirit in an upcoming Japanese film.

So Ji Sub appear in the film "Gegege no Kitaro" starring Wentz Eiji of the duet WaT.

He will play a spirit the main character Kitaro, played by Wentz Eiji, fights against. The movie is a sequel to the film which is based on the popular manga series by Mizuki Shigeru that first opened last April bringing in 2.3 billion yen.

The yasha (spirit) So Ji Sub plays carries around a guitar that shoots sharp arrows aimed at countries in Asia, and also has musical talent playing each country's music.

Production personnel say they cast So Ji Sub as he fits the image of the spirit very well. One personnel says, "We felt a unique charisma that can express both the yasha's dark side as well as talent."

Meanwhile, So Ji Sub commented regarding his first Japanese work, "I will use as much imagination as I can to express the yasha giving all of myself." He also added, "I know about the series 'Gegege no Kitaro' but spirits such as yasha are not a familiar existence in Korea. If a spirit so cute does really exist, I would like to meet one."

All filming with a special makeup and disguise has been completed but a production personnel added, "Because the entire face is not covered with makeup, you can still see his great face line," a word of relief for fans.

The film is scheduled to open in theatres on July 12th.

source: broasia

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