Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kim Yun-jin Shares Beauty Tips in Fashion Magazine

The influential fashion magazine InStyle, which is published worldwide, featured beauty tips from actress Kim Yun-jin in its August edition.

In her interview, Kim, who is introduced as a self-confident actress, shares her tips on skin care, hairstyling and makeup.

Gaining enormous popularity worldwide for her role in the U.S. ABC TV series "Lost," Kim has been interviewed by several prestigious magazines so far including an exclusive interview with People.

Her photos have appeared in many popular magazines, such as Vogue and Maxim, including a photo that appeared on the cover of an entertainment magazine.

She was also selected as one of the 100 sexiest beauties in the world by world-renowned magazines.

Kim's book, "The World is Your Drama," which depicts her advancement into Hollywood, has become a bestseller recently.

source: kbs global

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