Thursday, July 5, 2007

Jang Dong Gun and Jeon Ji Hyun Voted Most Beautiful Korean Stars

Who is the most beautiful entertainer in Korea? A Korean media (JES Entertainment Team) carried out a survey on 143 staff members from the entertainment industries from 19th to 28th this month, on “Best Face”, “Best Body” and “Best Overall Looks” of Korean entertainers. The respondents of the survey comprise of staff from various fields of the entertainment industry - planning, production, filming, promotion, marketing, managers etc. They each nominated 3 male and 3 female entertainers for each of the above 3 survey questions.

The titles “Best Overall Looks” male and female entertainer chosen by these entertainment people were taken by Jang Dong Gun and Jeon Ji Hyun. This survey also showed that the judgment of professional staff members and the pubic are the same. “Best Face” Male and Female Entertainer are Jang Dong Gun, Kim Tae Hee.

Jang Dong Gun took the title with an overwhelming majority of 92 votes. No.2 is Won Bin (51 votes), No .3 is Jo In Sung (50 votes).

The 150 people who took part in the survey could nominate 3 nominees for this category. Majority of them chose Jang Dong Gun who eventually took No 1 title with 92 votes. Nobody has any objection to this result.

In Korean entertainment circle, ‘Handsome Man= Jang Dong Gun’. Jang Dong Gun has already been 'officially' known as 'sculpture-like handsome man'. Especially in movies ‘Chingu’ and ‘Typhoon’, Jang Dong Gun’s unique charisma became more prominent through the villain roles he played and more people came to like him.
In the female entertainer sections, Kim Tae Hee got the highest votes with 69 votes and took the “Best Face” title. Following closely behind her is Song Hye Kyo with 44 votes and Han Ga In with 42 votes. Kim Hee Sun was at No 4 (20 votes), Lee Young Ae No.6 (19 votes), Ko So Young No.8 (11 votes).

Jung Seung-hye, CEO of Morning Pictures that produced movie ‘Radio Star’ commented that “Among the male entertainers, Jang Dong Gun, Kang Dong Won and Jo In Sung are real handsome men. As for female entertainers, actress like Son Ye Jin is very outstanding.”

Director Yun Je-gyun who has directed movies ‘Sex is Zero’ and 'Miracle on 1st Street' also commented that “Jang Dong Gun, Won Bin and Jung Woo Sung are all very charismatic actors and with great potential.”


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