Monday, July 9, 2007

Kim Hee Chul's Homepage Most Popular Among Korean Stars

Super Junior
member Kim Hee Chul’s mini homepage tops the most visited Korean stars’ mini homepages with a total visit of 22,455,755 people.

According to a Korean website, Kim Hee Chul’s personal homepage ( has 22,455,755 visitors during January 1to June 30. The reason his homepage is so hot is that he always put his feelings of hosting programs and his personal diaries on his page. The photo album on his homepage also contains pictures of other members from
Korean boy group Super Junior.

Ock Ju-Hyun
from former Korean girl band FINK.L has the most popular female star’s homepage. She ( gets the second place in the top 10 list. Lee Jun Ki’s homepage ( falls on the fifth place. It is followed by Korean actress Kim Hee-seon’s mini homepage ( Ryu Si Won’s homepage ( is No. 8.

source: asianbite

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Ya! said...

Ya heechul oppa!!
i love you!!!

dayana said...

awat la ramai benor yang suka heechul ni..termasuklah aku...wahaha

Farahain Husna said...

Hee Chul Oppa..............
Love Hee Chul, Love SuJu, Love K-POP Forever...!!!!!!!!

miss nia marvella said...

luv u damn much...

Momo said...

I hope you and hangeng can reunite one day! I'll always support you guys! Good luck! Your friendship is very touching... I hope one day you'll both meet eachother again! Never give up hope! There's always a chance!!! :)