Saturday, April 28, 2007

So Ji Sub fulfills military duty

Actor So Ji Sub has returned to civilian status.

So Ji Sub was officially discharged on the 27th from the Mapo District Office where he has been working throughout his service.

Fans from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and others gathered as early as 3am to see and congratulate So Ji Sub. Numbers reached 1,200 at 9am with approximately 100 press personnel from Nihon TV, Fuji TV, and others.

Fans held up posters with the messages such as 'We Love You So Ji Sub' 'Thank you Mapo District Office' and waited anxiously with handfuls of presents for So Ji Sub to appear. They seemed to want to congratulate his discharge with a festive spirit.

So Ji Sub appeared at approximately 9:12am waving with a smile to fans in jeans, t-shirts, and a beanie. Upon his appearance, a fan and little girl approached him with flowers and when So Ji Sub kissed the little girl's cheeks out of gratitude, fans exclaimed with joy.

So Ji Sub commented, "Thank you for coming to greet me. I hope to meet with everyone as an actor soon through a great piece," and left the location.

A fan from Japan commented, "I arrived in Korea on the 25th on a four day trip just to see So Ji Sub. I can't sleep as I am so excited."

In response to a question asking why they like So Ji Sub fans answered, "There is no reason. I like everything. He is good looking and acts very well. I have watched all the dramas he appeared in."

Even after So Ji Sub's departure, many stayed in front of the district office enjoying having seen So Ji Sub.

Meanwhile, So Ji Sub will start the filming of the drama series 'Cain and Abel' in which he will play a fateful killer and brother of Ji Jin Hee.

source: Broasia

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