Monday, April 2, 2007

Japanese Fans Hold Art Fair on Bae

Japanese fans of Korean actor Bae Yong-jun held a 3-day art fair themed on Bae from March 23rd in Kyoto, and from Friday to Sunday in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Organized by Bae's fan club "EndlessLove-With BYJ," the fair entitled "100% BAE YONG JOON Art Fair" had on display 150 pieces of fan creations and a 55 minute video that was a compilation of 16 individual submissions.

The fan club says 900 people visited the Kyoto fair and 1,200 the Tokyo fair on Saturday alone, with an estimated total of 4,000 for the Tokyo exhibition.
Those with works on display also gave out picture postcards they had prepared out of their own pockets as gifts to visitors.

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