Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rain: 'I Will Join the Army Next Year'

Rain will play a flirty private investigator in the KBS drama, "The Fugitive: Plan B."

Singer and actor Rain (real name Jung Ji Hoon), who will make a comeback to the small screen after a five-year break by appearing in the KBS 2TV Wednesday and Thursday drama "The Fugitive: Plan B," spoke up about the rumors of his upcoming military duty.

At the production presentation of the drama "The Fugitive: Plan B" held at the Lotte Hotel in Sogongdong on September 27, Rain said, "The time to join the army might be around next year."

There has been rumors that he would join the air force as his scheduled time to be recruited to the army approached, but the Military Manpower Administration has accepted his application to postpone the timing to join the army, so it has been delayed to next year.

Rain explained, "I think that the rumor that I would start my military service in the air force had come only because I decided to appear in a movie about combat planes after finishing 'The Fugitive: Plan B,' but actually there is no specific plan about filming the movie yet."

He commented on "The Fugitive: Plan B,” saying, “I took the role of an extraordinary character who cannot be found on TV Channels or in the movies. I had decided to play the character only because I had wanted to create a totally new character in this drama.”

“The Fugitive: Plan B,” which is an action drama filmed in many cities in Asian countries, will tell the story of an astronomically valued gold bar which had disappeared during the Korean War. It is also noteworthy as the production director Kwak Jung Hwan and writer Chun Sung Il, who had participated in producing the drama "The Slave Hunters," have formed a production team again.

Rain said, “When I watched the drama ‘The Slave Hunters,’ I wanted to perform in that kind of drama, and soon after that, I was able to meet the writer Chun Sung Il. At that time when we first met, we both did not have any specific plans, but finally we could work together as the production director Kwak had brought us together.”

Jung Ji Hoon will play a private investigator named Ji Woo who cares greatly about money and women. Ji Woo has a shameless and positive personality, but he will be challenged by becoming involved in an unfinished case to solve with his special abilities based on fast decision making and driving force. As he had received a request to take on the case from a mysterious woman named Jin Yi (Lee Na Young), he ended up engaging in a large-scale conspiracy involving the highly valued gold bar that had disappeared during the Korean War.

Rain added, “The writer told me that he wanted to make a character who is very serious but focused person when it comes to issues of women and money, and I totally agreed with his idea.” Ji Woo will continuously be chased by a policeman named Do Soo (Lee Jung Jin), so the chase scenes take up a large portion of the drama.

Rain said, “I had to run as much as I would want to run for my whole life. At first, the director had asked me whether I could do such difficult scenes, but if I did them, then he prepared even more difficult scenes later. I even had to climb a wall that was three meters high along with actor Lee Jung Jin. The director continuously made us shoot guns and climb walls” (laugh).

He also said, “I feel really good about this drama. I actually had a very auspicious dream, but I did not buy any lottery tickets so I could apply all that luck toward the drama’s success instead. If the viewer ratings for this drama reach more than 40 percent, I will disclose what the dream was about.”

The drama “The Fugitive: Plan B” will air its first episode on September 29 at 10:00pm as a follow-up drama to the drama “Bread, Love, and Dreams.”

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