Wednesday, June 23, 2010

T.O.P. Tops the Charts With "Turn It Up"

Big Bang's T.O.P.
has officially released his new track "Turn It Up" today, June 21, 2010 at 11 AM. True to his name, he soon topped the real-time music chart on the site,

"Turn It Up" has a strong hip hop beat and solid bass sound that listeners have been finding addicting. T.O.P.'s rapping skills come no short of his status as a member of what's arguably Korea's most popular boy group. T.O.P. also took charge behind the scene composing the song and writing the lyrics himself. He even gave a surprise performance of it at Big Bang's concert "Big Show" earlier this year.

Following hot one the heels of T.O.P.'s latest drop, co-member Taeyang is also planning on releasing his first regular album on July 1st, titled "Solar". As they'll be both promoting their solo activities simultaneously, there will be some friendly competition between the two. However, one thing's for sure: Big Bang may have been relatively quiet for the past few months, but the response to T.O.P.'s newest song says it loud and clear that the group's still got it.

source: KBS Global

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