Friday, June 18, 2010

Lee Hyori: Sexy Pop Diva to TV Comedy Host

After making a successful comeback with her hit song "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", Lee Hyori is set to make another comeback... on the small screen. This time, rather than just starring on a entertainment variety show, she'll be hosting it. She'll be making another transformation from the sexy diva on stage to a funny, outgoing variety show personality.

She received a totally new image after starring on the reality variety program "Family Outing", which she has since left. She'd appear with her face still swollen from waking up, wear no make up, and show off her more tomboyish side. It wasn't in vain as she won an entertainment award for the series with one of her co-stars, Yoo Jae-suk, last year.

Her upcoming project is still in the early planning stages as she's currently in the midst of meeting with a few companies. She will be playing the host role on a variety show starting in the latter half of this year, but it has yet to be decided what kind of show it will be.

The pop diva is currently taking time off after ending her promotions for her first single off of her fourth album. Though there were talks of her continuing with a second single, that doesn't appear to be happening. This is due to Lee's contract with her current company, Mnet Media, approaching it's termination date.
source: KBS Global

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