Monday, January 25, 2010

Possible for Jae-bum to Return to 2PM

It seems difficult for 2PM’s Jae-bum (Park Jae-bum, 23), who left the group 2PM and set off for his hometown in Seattle last September, to return to the group.

On January 21, according to 2PM’s management agency, JYP Entertainment, they have almost decided that he won’t come back to 2PM after discussing Jae-bum’s return.
However, during the MBC entertainment program “Tosa Mureuppak” last November, JYP CEO Park Jin-young had mentioned, “If he comes back to the pop music scene, Jae-bum should return to 2PM.”

However, the discussion about 2PM reuniting is being discussed privately.

Last September, Jae-bum left the group after growing controversy regarding comments he had made in which he belittled Korea and Korean people on his Internet site when he was still a trainee under JYP Entertainment.

After Jae-bum's departure from the group, his fans protested, holding signs such as “2PM=7” and “Call off Ja-bum’s withdrawal from 2PM” in front of JYP’s headquarter building in Chundamdong, Seoul.

In addition, several current affairs TV shows discussed the topic of Jae-bum’s comments and the reactions of the Korean community, as it became a social issue over the Internet.

A TV program followed up on Jae-bum’s current life in the U.S.A. He is now working part-time and hanging out with his friends.

A popular song official said, “Jae-bum might sing solo in Korea or the U.S.A., if he does not come back to the group.” He added, "JYP will make an important announcement about his comeback sooner or later."

After Jae-bum left 2PM, the group -- now containing six members -- released a new album entitled “1:59 PM.”

The group, sans Jae-bum, won “Best Male Group” and “Artist of the Year” from the Asian Music Awards, as their songs such as "Heartbeat" gained popularity in 2009.

source: KBS Global

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