Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TVXQ to Start Japan Tour

The hottest hallyu group, TVXQ, begins its fourth tour in Japan on May 4th. The group will kick off the live tour with a two-day stay in Kobe, which will be followed by a total of 19 concerts in eight major Japanese cities. The concerts are scheduled to mark their fourth album, “The Secret Code,” released in March.

A variety of fun events are planned for the concerts. Secret codes will be hidden throughout the venue and a quiz session will ask audience members to guess the most intimate secrets of TVXQ members. Also TVXQ members will try their hand at speaking different dialects in Japanese.

With the number of official fan club members nearing 100 thousand in Japan alone, tickets to the concerts are selling like hotcakes in various auction sites. Tickets for the Kobe concert are being sold at 160 thousand yen per person and those for the Tokyo Dome concert at 90 thousand yen.

source: KBS World


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