Monday, May 18, 2009

Jeon Ji-hyun Looks to Confound Critics in Vampire Film

Actress Jeon Ji-hyun
is on a tour of several countries to promote her latest film "Blood: The Last Vampire" scheduled for release on June 11.

The film is the story of a vampire who is battling to end 400 years of warfare between humans and vampires. Based on Japanese animation "Ghost in the Shell" by Mamoru Oshii, it cost US$35 million as a co-production by Japan, France and Hong Kong.

"I'm more excited and nervous because it's not a Korean project, but a multinational one," Jeon said. "I'm very nervous because I'm presenting myself as an actress in a new genre."

"I get a lot of feedback saying that I’m a commercial model rather than an actress, and that I'm trapped in the images in advertisements. I also hear comments questioning my ability to act. Because I'm a human being, I was anxious and impatient about having to show another side of me to the public," she said. "But I also thought that because I'm an actress, I don't have to get carried away. I know that I will do well and I will look good, so there was no need to hurry."

"I'm sorry that I wasn't able to show various aspects of myself in dramas or films throughout my 11-year career," she said. There are many misperceptions and prejudices about the image I've portrayed so far, but I think the best answer to such criticisms would be to do well in new films. I have ambition and desire to act until the day I die."

Jeon said the film tried to be as true to the original animation as possible. "The director and all other crew said I fit the character very well."


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