Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lee Yoeng-ae – Hong Kong’s Favorite Star

A survey conducted by The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) that included 1,632 Hong Kong citizens revealed that Hong Kong’s favorite Korean star is Lee Yeong-ae.

According to the results, Lee Yeong-ae received a remarkable 16.1% of the total votes, followed by Song Hye-gyo, who came in close second with 15.9%. Furthermore, the highly acclaimed drama Daejanggeum’ received a staggering 26.7% of the votes, while the movie ‘My Sassy Girl’ came in second with 18.5%. When survey takers were asked about the Hallyu Wave, 90.9% answered that they were aware of what it was. Of those, 49.5% said that they were greatly influenced by the popularity of Korean entertainment, while 38.2% answered that they were somewhat influenced.

When asked about what truly represented Korean tourism, 38.4% of the voters regarded Seoul and Jeju-do Island as the most recognized ‘tourist attractions’, with ‘food’ and ‘Hallyu’ topping the list as well. The most desired tourist highlight in Korea was Jeju-do with 39.5%, followed by Seoul with 33.9%. As for recreational activity, 13.5% replied that they most wanted to discover Korea’s scenic landscapes and natural beauty.

Moreover, 77.4% answered that they had plans to visit Korea someday. An astounding 52.5% plan to visit within a year, and 24.5% within the next 6 months.

KTO Hong Kong Branch Vice President Je Sang-won states, “When asked about the level of interest in movies, dramas, and tourist attractions, the votes showed that 42% answered that they were highly interested. We plan to develop tour packages such as filming location tours with the surveys in mind and combine the Hally Wave popularity along with the charming elements of Korea tourism for local marketing strategies.”

This survey was taken by the Hong Kong public who visited the ‘2008 Hong Kong International Tourism Expo’ in June.

Source: Korea Sparkling

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