Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bae Yong-jun's Korean Restaurant 'Gosireh' Celebrates 2nd Anniv.

"Gosireh" is a traditional Korean restaurant in Japan made famous for its interior design, fresh organic ingredients and menu personally picked by actor Bae Yong-joon. The celebrated restaurant marks its second anniversary this year, and will hold a special event to mark the occasion.

From August 2 to 27, Gosireh will feature a special "summer feast." During this period, the restaurant will randomly pick three couples and take them on the same tour that Bae went on when he visited Japan to promote his popular drama series "Taewangsasingi."

The selected customers will ride in the same car that Bae Yong-jun used during his visit to Japan in June.

The Nagoya branch of Gosireh is slated to open on September 10. The Nagoya branch will be less of a restaurant than a bar in which customers can enjoy light Korean meals as well as Korean liquor.

source: KBS Global

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