Friday, April 4, 2008

Rain to Begin International PR Tour for 'Speed Racer'

Actor and singer Rain will begin a world tour for the promotion of the simultaneous international release of Hollywood's "Speed Racer" on May 8th.

According to Warner Brothers Korea, Rain starts his promotional tour in Korea on the 20th, then Hong Kong on the 23rd and onto Los Angeles, California, where he will join producer Joel Silver, actors Emile Hirsch and Matthew Fox for the premiere. Rain is also scheduled for a Japan appearance in June.

"Hollywood actors are promoting the movie on various talk shows [in the United States] but in Asia, no one is as popular as Rain so we are expecting a great response from his promotions of the film here," announced a representative of Warner Brothers.

At 300 million dollars (USD) for its production and 80 million in marketing costs, "Speed Racer" is a hefty blockbuster about the best racers around the world battling in cars equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Last Tuesday, Variety Magazine printed that "Speed Racer" was chosen as the closing film for the 7th Tribeca Film Festival in New York City (4/23-5/4).

source:KBS Global

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