Saturday, April 19, 2008

Park Yong-ha Voted Japan’s Favorite Korean Actor

Actor Park Yong-ha of “Winter Sonata” has been voted the most popular Korean actor in Japan. He won 2,383 of 2,637 votes in a poll conducted by Japan’s “m-time” to finish in the top spot. Other Korean stars Song Seung-heon and Kwon Sang-woo came in second and third. Song garnered 189 votes and Kwon 65. The hottest Korean star in Japan, Bae Yong-joon, was not on the ballot.

The poll was conducted not online, but offline through postcards. Park thanked his fans for remembering and supporting him even when he’s not in Japan. He also promised to do his best in TV drama On Air” in which he stars with Kim Ha-neul and Song Yun-ah so as not to disappoint his fans.

Park’s future plan in Japan includes an appearance as special guest in the Love Song 2008 Premium Concert scheduled for June 7th in Saitama Super Arena. The concert is to celebrate the release of Park’s new compilation album, “Love Song 2008.”

source: KBS WORLD

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Hwayun said...

Hi there ^^
I wanna know why Park yong ha became really different from before :) he was soooooooo gorgeous when he shooted his video clip "tidings" i truly LOVED him !!! he was so awesome.... yong ha, you should gain some weight like before, i'm really in love with you :) you're better with black hair and your splendid smile.... 사랑해 용하....