Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lee Dong-gun to Debut as Singer in Japan

Actor Lee Dong-gun of the “Lovers in Paris” fame is making his debut as singer in Japan. Lee has recently signed a contract with Japan’s largest record label Sony and started preparing for his first album release in Japan.

Lee’s album project has been kept under wraps. All the details about the record, like the album concept and the genre of songs, are to remain secret until the market release date, which is also kept secret.

This is not Lee’s first venture into the music industry. During his high school years, he debuted with a song “May My Wish Reach Heaven” in 1998 and enjoyed immense popularity as a teen singer. He gave up singing after he turned to acting in 2000, but his singing career seems to be revving up again after 8 years with the album release in Japan.

source: KBS WORLD

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