Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kim Jeong-hoon Wins Japanese Math Quiz Show

Kim Jeong-hoon, former member of male duo UN, won the Japanese math quiz show called “Takeshi Kitano Presents Comaneci University Mathematics” on Fuji TV on December 27th.

Representing Korea, Kim competed with an American contestant currently studying at Tokyo University, another student studying in Japan from the Republic of Benin in Western Africa, two Tokyo University students, director Takeshi Kitano, and comedians interested in mathematics.

Kim astonished the audience and other contestants by easily solving the problems. Although he failed to get the correct answer in the last question, he gained 80 extra points for an ingenious way he used to arrive at the answer. Those extra points were what helped Kim win the title, as he was tied with director Kitano in the last round.

This was not the first time that Kim, a former Seoul National University student, showed off his brain power. He had once finished first in a program called “Brain Survival” in Korea. Variety program “Takeshi Kitano Presents Comaneci University Mathematics” was first aired in April 2006.

source: KBS WORLD

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Anonymous said...

ı love you kim jung

samedi said...

WOW!!! I'd love to see that... Where can I watch the show? By the way, how many languages can he speak?