Thursday, November 22, 2007

Song Hye-gyo to Debut in U.S.

Actress Song Hye-gyo is to debut in the United States through independent movies.

Song has been cast to play a lead in director Sohn Su-beom's first full-length movie "Fetish." It's a psychological thriller about a woman who has unusual skills. Song will play opposite Arno Frisch, who played the lead in "Funny Game."

"Fetish" is a low-budget independent movie, but to Song it will serve as a springboard for her advancement to the U.S. because she will say 80 percent of her lines in English.

The movie's casting director, Susan Shopmaker, said she chose Song because she liked her Asian yet Western image. She added that the movie will reveal a new side of the actress.

Song's agency said the actress's role in the movie will hopefully secure her a spot in the global film industry.

source: rukorean

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Anonymous said...

way to go Song. i think she is heading the same approach as rain's. i wish them the best..and i know they will succeed their dreams.

myplot'blog said...

She certainly has the ability to succeed in the US market.
I wish her luck.